There are many exercises that can be performed on a pull day to improve the strength of various muscles, but what are some of the best? In this article, we will explore what muscles are worked, look at the best exercises to perform on a pull day and leave you with a sample workout that you can use to build muscle.

The Barbell Row (Bent-Over)

The barbell row is an excellent way to build back thickness, width and strength while also improving posture. It is one of the most common upper body pull exercises and will work most of the muscles in your back including the rhomboids, transverse abdominis, erector spinae and biceps brachii.

To get started with this exercise, stand in front of a weighted barbell and grip it with your hands shoulder-width apart. Your feet should be hip-width apart to provide a good balance and prevent injury.

Once in position, drive your elbows up towards the bar and lift the barbell off the floor until it is almost touching your chest. Now slowly lower the barbell back to the start position. Repeat until you have completed 3-4 sets of 8-12 reps with a heavier weight.

Lat Pulldowns

If you are struggling to do pull-ups or chin-ups, then lat pulldowns could be the right exercise for you. This is a great alternative because you are in control of the load and it allows you to focus more on the movement and less on getting as many reps as possible.

Performing the exercise with a heavy weight and a slow tempo can help you build more muscle and improve your posture. You can also do this exercise with a barbell or a dumbbell, depending on your needs.

Cable Face Pulls

If you’re short on time and are looking for an effective and convenient way to build the muscle in your back, then the cable face pull is the way to go. This exercise works almost all of the same muscles as the bench press and can be done using any type of cable attachment.

TRX Pull-ups

If your gym doesn’t have the equipment to do a full pull-up, then a TRX pull-up is an excellent alternative. This exercise is a lot easier to do than regular pull-ups because you are completely off the ground at the beginning phase of the movement.


The deadlift is an absolute must-do exercise on a pull day. It is a classic compound movement that builds a wide variety of muscles and is a staple in any strength training plan.

Aside from being a great compound movement, the deadlift is an important isolation exercise that can be used to target specific muscles. It will also strengthen your legs, hips, shoulders and core – all of which are highly involved in pulling movements.

Dumbbell Pullovers

Another popular resistance exercise that is often performed on a pull day, the dumbbell pullover is an ideal way to strengthen the biceps and back muscles in an efficient and effective manner. This exercise is also a very versatile and useful addition to any home-gym as it can be performed with almost any barbell or dumbbell that can be held overhead.

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