3 exercises to do everyday

The best way to keep up with your fitness is by exercising regularly. Research has shown that moderate exercise burns 3-6 times as many calories as a sedentary lifestyle.

Whether you’re a competitive bodybuilder or just looking for a quick way to boost your overall health, doing some exercise every day is essential. It also gives your muscles a break from the stresses of daily life and helps you avoid injury.

3 Exercises to Do Everyday

There are lots of exercises that can help you build muscle and improve your overall fitness, but here are three to get you started:

1. Inverted row (smith machine bar or gymnastic rings)

The inverted row is a great alternative to the standard pull-up. It’s easy to do and will improve your pulling strength. It’s also a good workout for beginners and people with limited mobility, as it works your core, shoulders, back, arms, and biceps at once.

2. Planks – bodyweight and weighted variations

The plank is one of the most effective exercises to do daily. It not only strengthens your core and lower-body muscles, but it also helps you maintain proper posture throughout the day. This is an isometric exercise, which means it requires patience and concentration to do properly.

3. Slow squats and chair-lifting (bodyweight)

Doing these exercises can help you develop a strong lower body, while building your stamina and strengthening your core. They also help prevent injuries, says Hackley.

Start by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart and a slight bend in your knees. Then, push your hips back and bend your knees until you reach a squat position, as if you were sitting down in a chair. Hold this position for a second, and then straighten your legs to finish the movement.

4. Pull-ups (bodyweight compound)

The pull-up is a great way to build upper-body strength and strength endurance, as well as improve your grip strength. It’s also a versatile exercise that’s good for improving your flexibility, so it can be performed anywhere and anytime.

5. Shoulder press and twists – bodyweight and weighted combinations

The standing overhead press is one of the most important exercises for powerlifters, as it helps you build strength across multiple muscles. It’s also an effective cardio exercise that can boost your endurance and help you achieve your weightlifting goals faster.

6. Pull-ups – bodyweight and weighted versions

Doing pull-ups daily will not only increase your strength, but it will also boost your biceps and triceps. They’re a great choice for beginners who want to build more muscle, and they can be done anywhere and anytime.

7. Crunches – standard and modified varieties

The standard crunch is a great workout for your abs, chest, and back, while the modified version is ideal for those with restricted range of motion or injury concerns. It will also increase your flexibility and help you achieve your goals faster.

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