4 Best Home Gym Equipment 2023

For those seeking to kickstart a new fitness regimen, a home gym offers the opportunity to transform an area of your living space into your very own workout sanctuary. It can also save you the expense of a monthly gym membership, and it gives you the flexibility to work out whenever it’s convenient for your schedule.

But the countless options for home gym equipment can make it difficult to decide which pieces to purchase. A well-stocked gym needs to include a variety of strength training and cardio equipment, including a bench and dumbbells, a treadmill or exercise bike and often some kind of weight rack for lifting. A complete workout requires a lot of gear, so it’s important to consider your budget and available space before making a purchase. Having a plan can help you avoid impulse buys that end up sitting in the corner collecting dust.

This versatile multipurpose workout bench comes with a wing attachment for leg raises, larger squat mats and dip bars to enhance your upper body exercises, and a built-in media tray for your smartphone. It’s a top pick among reviewers for its sturdy construction, comfort and functionality.

Adding a treadmill to your home gym provides the option for walking, running or doing HIIT workouts without the need to head outdoors, and it’s especially useful for squeezing in a workout during inclement weather. This model features an LED monitor that tracks your speed, distance, incline and calories burned while you train, and it takes only 15 minutes to assemble.

An elliptical is another piece of essential home gym equipment for cardio workouts, and this one from Bowflex includes access to thousands of JRNY exercise classes. It also has a built-in tablet and water bottle holder, adjustable resistance and a 270-pound weight capacity.

When it comes to smart home gym equipment, the Peloton Guide stands out for its affordability and expansive selection of guided workouts, which cover a variety of fitness disciplines, like cycling, yoga and weight training. It’s also compact and easy to use, so it makes a great addition to any home workout space.

For an effective low-impact cardiovascular workout, an exercise bike is a great choice, and this Schwinn model performed well in our tests. It has a smooth ride with 100 levels of resistance and is relatively quiet while in use.

For those seeking a more intensive full-body workout, this power rack from PRx Performance is a reliable choice for heavy lifts and accommodating users up to 300 pounds. Its modular design makes it easy to assemble, and it’s equipped with safety pins that prevent the weight stack from moving during workouts. Its sturdy construction and wide range of weight capacities set it apart from competing models. This is a good choice for serious lifters who prefer to work out at home. It can be upgraded to provide up to 410 lb of resistance, and its pulley system provides precise adjustments for a seamless lifting experience.

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