Athletes who wear biker shorts can’t get enough of the soft, flattering fabric and perfectly positioned seams that make them look—and feel—incredibly streamlined. These spandex wonders are usually padded, which helps alleviate pressure on the crotch when you’re riding your bicycle. They’re not a great choice for running, though. Running requires a lot of movement and can cause chafing, especially if your biker shorts are too tight or don’t have a gusset.

That’s why runners typically opt for shorts that have a gusset and soft materials like nylon and polyester, which are opaque and offer superior stretch to spandex. You also want a pair that has a high waistband to prevent ride-up, and if you’re shopping for a cycling-specific pair, be sure to choose one that has a padded chamois.

In our most recent leggings review, we tested dozens of pairs to find the best biker shorts for running. After speaking to multiple fitness experts, including a certified cycling coach, we combed through user reviews and considered key features before selecting the following picks.

If you’re looking for a pair of biker shorts that won’t break the bank, Free People’s Good Karma version checks all the boxes. They’re incredibly soft and comfortable, and the waistband is designed to avoid riding up during squats, lunges, and other workout moves. They’re available in 21 colors, and we recommend picking a style that suits your skin tone—the pastel shades might help you stay cool.

Another option to consider is the high-waisted biker shorts from Girlfriend Collective, which have a textured compression material that stretches with your curves and won’t ride up. According to reviews, they’re figure-flattering and look stylish even when you’re walking around town. Plus, they’re sustainably made from recycled water bottles and come in a wide range of inseam lengths (we recommend choosing an eight-inch style to avoid thigh chafing).

Athleta’s biker shorts are the most affordable on our list, but don’t let their price tag fool you. We tested them and found that they’re comfortable, flexible, and breathable. They have a drawstring and zippered pocket, and the waistband has adjustable tabs so you can customize your fit. They’re perfect for wearing to the gym, to a yoga class, or when you’re running errands around town.

If you’re looking for something a little more expensive, we suggest the Pearl Izumi Quest biker shorts. They’re a top pick for many customers because of their durable construction and affordable price. We liked the lightweight, ribbed nylon-spandex fabric that’s soft and smooth against your legs. They’re also available in an array of neutral colors, and you can choose from three different inseam lengths (we recommend going with an 8-inch pair to avoid thigh chafing).

When it comes to running in biker shorts, you want to be sure that they have a gusset and soft, breathable materials to reduce chafing and keep you comfortable. You also want to be sure that the pair you choose is moisture-wicking and has good stretch, as these are both essential for keeping your legs hydrated during a long run.

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