BeginnerFriendly Workout Plans for Women AtHome

Many women feel intimidated by the gym, which is understandable since it’s often packed with high-tech equipment and people who look like they know what they’re doing. For these newbies, a beginner workout plan can help ease them into the gym and set them up for success with an easy-to-follow routine that’s also safe and effective.

This full-body beginner workout for women includes bodyweight exercises such as push-ups, squats and jumping jacks. A few of these workouts a week will improve both strength and endurance. Having your members complete these simple, bodyweight circuits a few times per week will build confidence alongside their physical fitness, which can make them feel more comfortable in the gym overall.

When it comes to cardio, the most important thing for beginners is simply getting out there and moving. Running is a great option, but even that can be intimidating for some first-timers. One option is to start by jogging for 20 minutes, and then gradually increase the duration of your run and the intensity. As an added bonus, jogging helps burn calories and improves cardiovascular health while strengthening the leg muscles.

Having a good quality pair of running shoes is important, but so is an appropriate exercise technique. As the New York Times notes, it’s best to take a slow approach and ease into jogging. Having a friend or coach to walk alongside you can help you find the right pace and learn the proper form.

Beginner-Friendly Workout Plans for Women At-Home

A full-body beginner workout will help target all of the major muscle groups. It’s best to do these workouts a few times a week, and perform them in an alternating fashion. One week you’ll do workout A twice, and the next, workout B twice. This will ensure that you’re hitting every major muscle group and working them more frequently.

This beginner-friendly workout for women will include bodyweight exercises such as squats and lunges, but will also include dumbbell exercises such as curls and overhead presses. The reason this beginner-friendly workout for women will emphasize lower body and ab exercises is to provide a balance to the chest, back and arm exercises. This will prevent the chest from dominating the workout, which can lead to a round shouldered appearance and shoulder problems down the line.

It’s a myth that lifting weights will bulk you up, and in fact, weight training will help you become leaner and more toned. This beginner weight training workout for women will focus on the legs and glutes, as well as the core, to help you achieve your ultimate toned look.

Having a good beginner full-body workout is essential for anyone who wants to achieve a toned physique. Beginners should always begin with a light workout and slowly progress to a more challenging weight or amount of reps as they get used to exercising at the gym. Beginners should also keep a record of their workouts, either using an app or writing in a journal. This will allow them to track their progress over time and see how they’re improving.

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