Best Home Workout Apps to Get Fit From Home

Best Home Workout Apps to Get Fit From Home

If you want to workout at home but aren’t sure where to start, these savvy apps will help you find workouts that suit your needs, fitness level and goals. Whether you’re looking for a quick and effective bodyweight session or a full-body strength and cardio routine, there’s an app to match. Some apps also include a range of pre-built exercises and training plans that are designed to target specific muscle groups or body parts – like thighs, glutes, arms or core – so you can see what your results are as you go along.

This popular app has an easy-to-use workout builder, which lets you construct goal-based workouts in seconds. It’s an ideal choice for people who don’t have a lot of free time but want to get fit in a short period of time. You can choose from a huge selection of exercises, and each drill is demonstrated with video clips. Plus, the app is linked to a heart-rate monitor and you can beam classes onto a bigger screen easily with Chromecast or Apple AirPlay.

The workout database has options for all levels, equipment and skill sets – from cycling and treadmill workouts to yoga, boot camp and HIIT sessions. The Peloton app has a great range of instructors and there are even classes taught by celebrity trainers like Julianne Hough, Jonathan Van Ness and Gabrielle Union.

Developed by fitness coach and author Louise Green, this app is designed to be all-inclusive and meets everyone at their current fitness level. Users can start at a basic level and build up to more advanced moves, so the app is perfect for beginners and people with injuries or limited mobility. The app is free but a premium subscription gives access to more workouts, HD exercise guides and detailed progress reports.

Another big player in the at-home workout market, the Nike Training Club app has a slick design and a massive video library to choose from. You can filter workouts by what kind of class you want (such as HIIT, Pilates or yoga) and tailor your workout duration to your available time. The workouts are aimed at all levels, from beginner to advanced and you can even follow celebrities like Serena Williams.

The app isn’t quite as good as some of its competitors, but it’s still a good option for anyone who wants to do a bit of a mix of exercises at home. It has a decent range of classes, including yoga, pilates, HIIT and boxing, and you can also use it to link your fitness tracker and train for a marathon. The only drawback is the ad-supported model, which can be a little intrusive at times.

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