Best home workout equipment to get in shape

While some of the best home workout equipment to get in shape can cost thousands of dollars, you can also find plenty of fitness gear that costs much less. From lower-cost cardio equipment, like exercise bikes and ellipticals, to smart tech devices and apps that make it easier to work out from the comfort of your own home, there are many ways you can level up your routine without breaking the bank.

The almighty barbell is at the center of nearly every home gym, and for good reason. No other piece of equipment can serve as such a versatile, effective and affordable foundation for your training routine. From squatting and bench presses to pull-ups and rackable deadlifts, you can do just about anything with this one essential piece of equipment.

Bowflex’s Max Trainer M9 is a sleek full-body workout machine that comes with 65 gym-quality exercises. Its power rods provide anywhere from five to 210 pounds of resistance, so you can train with the same intensity as elite athletes.

You can even customize your experience with a range of add-ons, including Bluetooth armbands that track your heart rate and a built-in tablet holder to play your favorite music or streaming workout videos. The included Bluetooth armband and heart-rate grips can help you stay on track with your fitness goals, while the HD touchscreen display allows you to stream live and on-demand workouts.

Other high-tech options include the nifty iFit Coach Mirror from Fiture, which is essentially a smart mirror with motion sensors that can offer real-time feedback on your form while simultaneously tracking reps, sets, pacing and timing. With a $39 monthly subscription, you can access the brand’s library of on-demand lessons specializing in yoga, barre, HIIT and more.

If you want to add a little more variety to your cardio routine, try a jump rope, which is surprisingly effective and a great way to burn calories without putting too much strain on your joints. You can even buy a specialized bungee cord that provides more resistance and a better workout for your abs, arms, chest and back.

Another low-cost way to boost your home workout is by using an adjustable dumbbell. These multifunctional tools are more versatile than standard dumbbells, and you can increase or decrease the weight by simply rotating a knob on the top of each weight. This gives you the flexibility to tailor your workouts and target specific muscle groups, such as your triceps and shoulders.

Adding a few key pieces of home workout equipment is an easy and cost-effective way to level up your fitness game and achieve all the benefits that come with regular exercise, including weight loss, increased energy levels, boosted moods and reduced risk of chronic health conditions, according to the Mayo Clinic. For those who still want guidance, there are countless apps and services that let you run, cycle or row with a world-class trainer right in your living room, and many of them have free trials to try out their programs before you commit.

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