Best ideas to get fit at home

If you’re a gym-phobe, you may not be ready to commit to a membership or pay for personal training, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up on your fitness goals. In fact, with the right equipment at home, you can get all the benefits of a regular exercise routine, without sacrificing time or money.

If a full-on home gym isn’t feasible, try setting up a few pieces of versatile equipment in your living room or bedroom. A simple elliptical, for instance, is great for cardiovascular workouts, or you could invest in an exercise bike that can be tucked under your desk – so you can get your cardio on even while you’re working or watching TV. Or if you’re looking for something fun, consider a mini trampoline (or ‘rebounder’) or weighted jump ropes – great for boosting strength and endurance.

When it comes to getting fit at home, a basic body weight workout is an effective and inexpensive option. Incorporate a variety of exercises to burn calories and build muscle, such as circuit training – going from one exercise to another with little or no rest – which will help to keep your heart rate up for longer. You can start by doing 10 to 30 seconds of high-intensity moves like jumping jacks and burpees, or 8 to 16 reps of lower-body and core moves such as lunges, push-ups and squats.

Climbing the stairs is also an easy and effective way to incorporate movement into your daily routine if you don’t have access to a gym. If you haven’t been a fan of the elevator in the past, make a conscious effort to walk up and down for your first few times – you might be surprised by how quickly you pick up speed! Alternatively, why not turn your lunch break into a mini-workout with a boxercise class? These classes are available across the UK and are a fun way to meet friends whilst getting fit.

If you’re still not sure how to get started, there are many online fitness tutorials and videos for every skill level, ranging from basic beginner workouts to advanced bodyweight challenges. Many of these are free to watch, and many will only take up a few minutes of your day. Or why not join a 30-day fitness challenge with friends? These types of challenges are an effective way to force yourself to stick with a new routine, and many participants find that once the challenge is over, they’re happy enough with their results to continue their exercise.

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