Whether it’s due to friction or sweat, chafing is an absolute running no-no. If you’ve ever experienced the burning, swollen and itchy rash in the inner thighs or armpits, you know how much of a dampener it can be on your run. And while there are a ton of products out there — including Vaseline, deodorant and BodyGlide — that claim to help prevent chafing, the best way to avoid it is to invest in some good gear. Specifically, running shorts that are skin-friendly and prevent the chafing of the thighs and underarms that’s so common among runners.

The best running shorts to prevent chafing are made from synthetic fabric that wicks away sweat, reducing the friction between the thighs and preventing itchy skin. They’re also soft and lightweight, which will keep you cool, dry and comfortable as you run. Additionally, they should have breathable mesh lining, as this will allow your legs to move freely without rubbing against each other. Lastly, they should have flatlock seams to avoid causing irritation or blisters.

These running shorts are a great option for your next outdoor or indoor workout because of their protective properties. They are made from a super breathable polyester fabric with built-in liners that will help you stay cool and comfortable during your runs. In addition to that, they feature a breathable mesh lining and 50+ UV protection. These features will make your runs safer and more enjoyable for you.

If you’re looking for an everyday pair of shorts that are chafe-preventive, look no further than these from Under Armour. They’re crafted from an ultra-soft and stretchy blend of polyester and spandex that feels lightweight and flexible as you work out. Additionally, they have a wide range of sizes, so you can find the right fit for your legs and thighs.

Another great pair of chafe-preventive shorts is these from Nike. They’re crafted from lightweight Dri-Fit fabric with a breathable mesh inner shorts layer. They also have a range of pockets, so you can store all your essentials for your workout. However, they do run small, so you’ll want to size up.

These compression-fit running shorts are perfect for your next HIIT class or marathon because of their compression and chafe-preventive design. They’re crafted from a super-sweaty recycled poly blend and have plenty of positive reviews from happy customers. Plus, they’re super affordable, which is a major bonus! Just be sure to size up a little for those with thicker thighs, as they do run slightly small.

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