Long running shorts can be a great choice for trail or off-road runs, especially if you prefer to wear less clothing when you run. However, finding a pair of long running shorts that offer the right amount of support and mobility is no easy task. When choosing a pair of long running shorts, look for key features such as a moisture-wicking fabric, the size of the waistband and the number and location of pockets. In addition, a good pair of long running shorts should have flat seams to prevent chafing.

In this pair of running shorts from Blooming Jelly, the 1.75-inch inseam is a bit longer than most of the options we tested, but the lightweight, breathable, quick-drying recycled polyester-nylon fabric is soft, silky and abrasion-resistant to avoid tears or snags. A high, elastic waistband adds a flattering silhouette and fits snugly without digging into the skin. These shorts also have a zippered back pocket large enough to fit a phone, as well as a bungee loop to hold keys. The only downside to this pair of shorts is the lack of UPF 50+ protection for those long sunny runs when sunscreen has melted off from sweating.

When choosing a pair of long running shorts, the size of the waistband and the amount of room in the leg can make or break your experience. The width of the waistband is an important factor because a wide waistband feels more secure, comfortable and supportive than a thin band. A wider waistband also offers a more flattering silhouette and is ideal for runners who like to store gear in their pockets. A wider waistband also tends to lay smoother on the skin compared to the thin band that can dig into the stomach area.

The length of the leg is also an important factor because shorter legs can feel restrictive for long distances. Depending on your preference and the terrain you run, you might want to consider shortening the length of your shorts. You should also note that longer shorts can be heavier than their shorter counterparts because they have more fabric.

Most of the shorts we reviewed have a liner, which is a kind of built-in underwear that eliminates the need for you to change your undies before going on a run. The liner is usually made from a soft, moisture-wicking material and can be either brief or boxer style. Most runners find that brief-style liners are more comfortable than boxer-style liners.

Finally, you should always pay attention to where and by whom your running shorts are made. Ideally, they should be bluesign certified and have high transparency around the production process so that you can know exactly what’s in your running gear. Fortunately, most of the brands on our list that make shorts use this type of manufacturing, so you should have no trouble finding a pair of long running shorts for your next run.

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