can athletic shorts be used for swimming

While there are some athletes who can get away with wearing running shorts in the pool, it’s generally not a good idea. These types of shorts aren’t designed to be worn in water and they can create a lot of friction that will lead to discomfort, chafing, and even irritation on the skin. In addition, they are often made from a thicker fabric that will bog down the body and slow you down while you’re swimming.

The best athletic shorts for swimming are made of a stretchy and lightweight material that will allow the body to move freely. They should also be made of a material that is able to wick moisture away from the skin and dry quickly so that you don’t end up getting cold or developing any other type of uncomfortable symptoms while you’re in the water.

In addition, the best swimming shorts will usually have a snug fit that will prevent them from riding up or falling down while you swim. They should also be made of a fabric that is resistant to chlorine and sunlight, which will protect them from becoming damaged after many uses in the pool or beach.

Most importantly, the best swimming shorts will be completely seamless so that they don’t cause any chafing or irritation on the skin. They should also have a comfortable waistband that isn’t too tight or loose, and they should be fully lined so that the bare skin will never feel exposed.

It’s also important to note that swimming shorts are usually a bit longer than regular workout shorts. This is because they’re meant to be used for lap swimming and other types of aquatic activities where you need more coverage. They may be as long as the knee or slightly above it.

Swimwear that’s made from a non-absorbent material such as nylon or Lycra will also typically be a lot thinner than most workout shorts. This is necessary because the materials in swimwear are designed to withstand frequent contact with chlorine and other chemicals that can be hard on the clothing and cause it to become brittle. The thinner materials also allow water and air to pass through easily, which keeps you drier and allows the shorts to dry faster.

The best way to know whether a pair of shorts is a suitable swimwear option is to try them out at the pool or beach. They should be a light and airy color, not thick and dark, and they should feel comfortably stretchy against the skin. The best pair of shorts for swimming will be a pair of Nike Dri Fit ones. These are quick drying and can be used as a base layer for other activities while you’re outdoors or in the water. You can also choose to line dry them if you don’t have a dryer that’s capable of drying sportswear. Just be sure to use a gentle or no-splash detergent so that the synthetic fabrics don’t get damaged.

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