can you run in shorts

Runners are famous for being over-sharers when it comes to the bodily secretions, smells, excretives, discharges, and other nastiness that their bodies produce during exercise. So, it’s not surprising that runners are also divided on whether or not you can run in shorts. While there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the best running gear, in general, you can wear any type of pants or shorts that feel comfortable for you and allow you to perform at your best.

Depending on your preferences, you can find shorts that are ideal for running or that provide some extra features designed specifically for the sport. These extras can help prevent chafing, add to comfort, and even improve your performance.

Running shorts feature a breathable and lightweight fabric that quickly wicks away moisture to prevent chafing, which is often caused by sweat accumulating on the skin. These types of shorts are often designed to fit looser than other pants for a more comfortable, relaxed feel while running. Some models are designed with a built-in liner, which is similar to briefs but fits inside the outer shorts instead of underneath them. The liners help to prevent skin irritation and provide support to the muscles, and they can be worn without underwear for additional comfort.

In addition to a smooth, stretchy fabric, running shorts are often designed with flat seams and a snug fit to reduce chafing. Many running shorts are also rated with UPF sun protection, which tests the fabric against harmful UVA and UVB rays to keep you protected from harsh sun exposure while running outside.

Another feature commonly found in running shorts is a specialized waistband, which is a wide band that wraps around the lower belly to help prevent chafing and provide added support for the hips and core. Some models also have pockets that are specially made for running and can be used to carry items like energy gels and GU.

There are a variety of lengths of running shorts available, with some models being designed with a tighter and snug fit for high-performance athletes. Generally, short tights are preferred by elite runners because they provide the optimal freedom of movement while running. Runners can move their legs freely without the tights restricting their movements or getting bunched up, and they can see how well their legs are performing in terms of muscle and movement compared to other parts of the body during runs.

Some running shorts are designed with a 2-in-1 model, which includes an inner fitted liner and a separate shell pair of pants. The inner fitted shorts feature a smooth, seamless or flatlock seam design that can be worn without underwear to avoid skin irritation and chafing, and some runners find these linings more comfortable than wearing regular underwear while running. Alternatively, you can purchase regular running shorts with a sewn-in liner and remove it carefully with scissors to use your own underwear.

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