Cheap exercise equipment for your home workout

Having your own home gym is a great way to stay fit and avoid the hassle of schlepping to the gym every day. However, the cost of equipment can quickly add up. But the good news is that it’s easier than ever to build a quality collection of affordable exercise equipment for your home workout. In fact, many pieces of gear will cost less than a monthly gym membership and you’ll save on the gas and time spent getting there.

To get your home workout started, the best piece of cheap exercise equipment to invest in is a basic barbell. This can be used for obvious barbell lifts like squatting and benching, but it’s also a versatile piece of equipment for exercises such as box jumps, Jefferson curls, rowing, hip thrusts, elevated push ups and more. A squat rack is another essential piece of equipment for any home gym, and a simple model can be found for under $100.

If you want to train on the go, consider a small portable barbell set. This is a cheaper alternative to a full set of dumbbells, and it comes with all the accessories you need for on-the-go workouts. The set is compact enough to fit in your trunk, and it includes a set of Olympic-style weight plates.

A medicine ball is a useful addition to any exercise collection, especially for stretching and core training. It can be thrown or bounced for speed and power exercises, or you can sit on it to do wall-sit workouts or lower body strength training. The Champion Sports medicine ball is available in a variety of weights and is well stitched to withstand the force of dynamic movements.

Another great option for a home exercise collection is resistance bands. These long rubber bands come in a variety of weights and colors to suit any fitness level. They’re also a great addition to a barbell set because they can help you add more weight to your bench presses and squats. The Rogue Tube Bands are a good budget pick and include six color-coded bands that offer varying levels of resistance.

For a more high-tech addition to your home gym, consider a smart mirror workout machine like the Studio from Peloton. This became a favorite of former Strategist senior writer Karen Iorio Adelson during our testing and costs $39 per month for access to new live workouts and thousands of prerecorded on-demand ones, including yoga, Pilates and resistance band training.

Finally, a durable workout mat is an essential item for any home workout. This BalanceFrom GoFit mat is made from a high density textured material that prevents slippage and adds stability to your exercise equipment. It’s also easy to clean and rolls up for storage.

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