running shorts water bottle

When it comes to keeping hydrated on a run, there are several options: a handheld bottle, a vest-style pack or even just a simple belt. Choosing which is best for you will depend on your running style and how much water you need during your runs. The choice will also depend on whether you prefer to carry your food with you as well (like a sandwich or energy bars) and, if so, how much you want to store in your running gear.

Handheld Running Bottles

The most common way to carry water when running is a handheld water bottle, which you can simply tuck into your running shorts and then reach for as you run. This is the easiest option to get water quickly and will allow you to adjust your fluid intake according to how thirsty you are. The downside to this is that the bottle can be bulky in your running shorts, and some runners find that they tire of holding the bottle in one hand for long periods of time as they run.

Thankfully, there are many different lightweight handheld bottles that you can choose from, so you don’t have to worry about adding extra weight to your running kit. There are models that feature a slim design and others with a soft, flexible bottle that compresses as you drink, eliminating annoying water sloshing that can occur in hard plastic bottles when they’re full. These soft flasks are also easy to squeeze, so you can easily take a sip without putting too much effort into it. Some of the handheld bottles also have a holster that fits comfortably around your hand so you don’t have to hold it at all – which makes them perfect for those who want to go hands-free.

One thing to keep in mind with handheld bottles is that you’ll need to check them often during your runs, as they can lose pressure as you run. You should make sure the bottle is still sealed when you finish your run and then refill it before your next one, to avoid water leaking out.

Handheld Running Bottles

If you’re looking for a handheld that will fit into your running shorts pocket, the Salomon Active Handheld Flask is a great choice. It has a wide, stretchy back pocket designed for running gloves, a sweat rag, inhaler and other essentials. The water pouch is also a good size, and the overall fit of the bottle is comfortable in the hand when it’s empty.

Another benefit of this handheld is that you can attach it to your running vest using a strap so you’ll have easy access to water on longer runs. It’s also a good choice for storing your gels, as the pocket will allow you to put in two gel packets at a time. You can also use the pockets in this running flask to store other items, such as your phone, keys and money.

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