running shorts without pockets

As runners, we rely on our running gear for comfort, safety and performance. Whether you run short distances or ultramarathons, the right pair of running shorts will support your training and help you reach your fitness goals. Choosing the best pair depends on your personal preferences, including the number of pockets you prefer and how much storage space is important for your needs.

Runners who want to carry keys, ID and other essentials while they run tend to gravitate toward a pair with multiple places for storage. This includes drop pockets, internal envelope pockets and zippered back pockets. Most of these types of pockets are located close to the waistline, which helps prevent items from bouncing around as you move during your run.

Many pairs of running shorts feature a built-in liner. This can be a brief or 2-in-1 style and helps keep sensitive skin from chafing against the thighs. Often, the liner is made of lightweight, breathable fabric that quickly wicks moisture away from your skin. Some running shorts also feature additional supportive features, such as a slight elastic band on the hips for extra support.

Liners can be found in all types of running shorts, from looser fitting pairs to tighter compression styles. In addition to being comfortable, the liner also makes the garment more durable and reduces the likelihood of chafing caused by the fabric rubbing against your thighs. Some runners choose to wear their favorite pair of underwear with their running shorts, while others like the added protection and support that a liner offers.

If you prefer a minimalist approach, look for a pair of running shorts that have few pockets. This allows you to move freely and focus on your run, without the distraction of a pocket jostling around or holding your phone in place while you are moving. These types of shorts may not offer the versatility of a pair with several different pockets, but they can be ideal for running on hot days or when you are racing.

The Baleaf Women’s Running Shorts are a great option for those who like to run with minimal pocket storage. This pair of running shorts is constructed from a polyester-spandex blend that is both durable and incredibly flexible. The wide, comfortable waistband has a drawcord to help you find the perfect fit and is designed to hold the shorts snugly against your body. A single back zip pocket can easily accommodate a small wallet or keychain, and two side drop-in pockets are large enough to hold snacks or keys during your run.

These breathable running shorts from Lululemon have everything you need in a run-ready pair of pants. They are designed with four-way stretch fabric that moves with you and wicks sweat away from your body, keeping you cool and dry through long runs. With a 10-inch inseam, they are long enough for most runners and have side drop-in pockets that are big enough to hold a phone, as well as a hidden waistband pocket for storage. The high-waist waistband can feel a little tight for curvy women, so those with a more full figure may prefer to size up.

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