cotton running shorts womens

The right cotton running shorts women’s can give you the comfort and durability you need to clock up the miles. You’ll find options with everything from lightweight, breathable fabric to built-in liners for added warmth and protection against chafing. Many have waistbands that cradle your hips for a snug, comfortable fit without bunching up during movement. Breathability, SPF protection and anti-microbial treatment are additional features to consider as you search out the perfect pair for your running needs.

Loose styles like the Tracksmith Session Speed Shorts allow more air to flow around your legs, which helps you stay cool during hot weather and makes them ideal for warm-weather runs. If you wear them over long pants, consider choosing a longer inseam like the REI Co-op Swiftland to protect your knees from scraping on the ground. If you run in colder temps, a lined short is often a better choice since it keeps the inner leg insulated and prevents chafing. Some runners find that they prefer the skintight feel of a tighter, compression-style liner. This can help reduce muscle oscillation and increase endurance during your run, but some runners prefer the looseness of a looser style.

Some models are designed to be worn over other layers, which may be ideal for cold-weather runs. If you plan to wear your running shorts over other clothing, try on several pairs of undergarments to see what works best with them. Some of the softer, lighter options, such as the Baleaf Organic Cotton Gym Fitness Shorts, work great with a t-shirt or tank top. Others, such as the Lululemon Speed Up Low-Rise, have a built-in brief liner to add extra insulation and protection against chafing.

A good pair of cotton running shorts will also be easy to move in, despite their thicker material. Look for a stretchy waistband that feels comfortable against your hips and won’t budge as you work out. For an added level of comfort, some models have waistbands that have been flattened to reduce bulkiness and make them easier to snag and pull on and off.

Pockets are another important consideration as you choose your cotton running shorts women’s. You’ll find plenty of models with strategically-placed zippers that let you stash a phone and other small items while you run. While pockets on the thigh are handy for everyday use, you’ll want to avoid any with too much room that can bounce around during your run.

You’ll also find cotton running shorts with pockets that are incorporated into the design of the shorts, such as the New Balance Essential Shorts, which offer a couple of large internal pockets and an easy-to-locate paracord loop pull, as well as a drop-in pocket. The shorts are lightweight, with mesh paneling for breathability and a drawcord waistband that rides low on the hips, which is fine if you’re not used to a higher-waisted pair of shorts. The model also adheres to the brand’s green leaf standard, so at least 50% of its materials come from eco-friendly sources.

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