Creating An Awesome Home Workout

When gyms were closed during the pandemic, many people turned to the comfort of their own homes for a workout. In fact, home fitness isn’t just convenient; it’s also highly effective and cost-efficient. With the right equipment and some creative thinking, a home workout can help you reach your exercise goals, whether that’s losing weight or improving strength.

The first thing to do is set up your space, as if you’re going to the gym. This includes dressing in your activewear and laying out your mat or gym clothes the night before or as soon as you get up in the morning. This will get you into workout mode as well as make it easier to actually follow through on your plan.

Next, create a playlist or gym music to listen to as you go through your workout, and make sure your headphones are close by. This will keep you focused and help your brain stay in the workout zone, rather than distracted by text messages or the to-do list.

As far as home workout equipment goes, a good sturdy chair or bench can work wonders for workouts like step-ups, tricep dips or bench presses. A full-length mirror can also be a great motivational tool, as it allows you to check your form during the exercises. You can also get creative and hang inspirational pictures or quotes in your workspace to further personalise the area and keep you motivated.

If you’re looking to create your own workout videos, consider using different camera angles, including up-close shots of muscles and posture as well as wide-angle footage that displays the whole body. This will help your viewers feel like they are in the studio with the instructor, as opposed to in front of their laptop or TV screen at home.

Lastly, consider incorporating captions or text throughout your video to help users follow along. This will make your workouts more accessible for people who don’t speak English as their primary language and allow them to use the video as a workout guide.

There are a lot of benefits to working out at home, and with some preparation, a little creativity, and the support of an online community you can turn your living room into the best gym in town. So, what are you waiting for? Start creating your awesome home workout.

Creating An Awesome Home Workout: Part 3

In this third and final part of our ‘How To’ series we’re covering some of the most popular fitness trends of 2020, including Cycle Syncing (which could help you get fitter faster) and getting creative with your workout routines by using items around the house that act as substitutes for gym equipment. From using tins and bottles to acting as dumbbells to slotting your feet under the sofa to do sit ups, you can do some pretty cool exercises at home without breaking the bank!

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