Whether you’re looking to get up and go or are gearing up for an endurance run, the right pair of running shorts tights can keep you comfortable and moving freely throughout your workout. And, since most runners carry a phone and keys at minimum, pockets that stay secure are essential. This is especially important if you run in temperatures that range from cold to hot and from windy to calm, as these conditions can cause items to bounce around and potentially fall out during the run.

This guide will help you find the best running shorts with pockets that will securely hold your essentials while you’re out on a run. First, consider the size of your phone and other accessories that you might need to carry. Look for a pocket that’s big enough to fit your phone (usually advertised on the product listing) and a waistband that won’t dig into or feel uncomfortable while you move.

Next, check the fabric type and inseam length of the shorts to ensure they fit your preferences and training needs. The material should be light and breathable to help you stay cool and dry. It should also stretch to allow for maximum mobility and be moisture-wicking. Lastly, check the origin and factory conditions of the fabric, as well as the manufacturing process. Ideally, the shorts will be made in a country with high labor standards and good working conditions for those who work to make your athletic clothing.

For a pair of running shorts that won’t bounce and offer plenty of storage space, check out this lightweight option from Champion. The lining features a soft, supportive brief with a small zippered pocket for your phone, and the deep side pockets are large enough to fit a 500mL soft flask and emergency wind shell. Plus, there’s a zip pocket on the back that’s big enough to stash a key and a credit card.

Another option to consider are these compression-style shorts from Lululemon. They’re designed to support your legs and feet, but they also have a wide, comfortable waistband that doesn’t pinch or dig into the skin. And, the compression material helps to keep the tights in place while you’re running so they don’t shift and bunch up. This pair of shorts is great for winter runs and the pocket is big enough to fit a phone while remaining bounce-free on the run.

Finally, these budget running shorts from Baleaf are a great choice for anyone who wants to stay comfortably warm and mobile on their next run. The oversized side pockets are large enough to hold your phone and other accessories, and the zippered pocket on the back is big enough for your keys, credit card and money. Plus, the leggings are incredibly affordable and have been tested by our Editor in Chief to ensure they’ll last. And, they’re available in a variety of colors to match any running style and preference.

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