Home Workout Bar Portability

Home Workout Bar Portability

Whether you’re lifting weights with a free-weight system, completing a WOD on your favorite piece of equipment, or doing body-weight exercises at the park, workout bars are ubiquitous. Typically long, sturdy bars with handles on both sides that you can use to push or pull, these portable options are available in a variety of designs and support all sorts of movements—from isometric or static exercises like planks and push-ups to dynamic movement like resisted bicycles and back and chest flyes. In addition to the typical accessories like ankle/foot straps, wrist/ankle straps, door anchors, and handles, some of our favorite bars come with other add-ons such as ab roller wheels, a post landmine sleeve, and two resistance band sets (with 30 and 50 pounds in each).

Many of these portable bars also feature built-in storage, making them easy to keep at home or take along on trips. Some, such as X3 Bar Elite, even include workout guides and videos that can help you perform more exercises than what’s included on the packaging.

A padded section and foot stirrups split this home gym bar down the middle, offering an extra bit of stability and comfort compared to other bars we tested. The kit also includes illustrated stickers of exercise poses for all muscle groups, which is an easy way to visualize proper form on your next session.

The X3 Bar also offers one of the most advanced forms of strength training available: variable resistance. While traditional weights overload your joints, X3’s elastic bands offer the same level of force near your strongest range of motion—allowing you to lift seven times as much in that zone.

This compact home bar from Black Mountain fits into a small bag for easy carrying, with its wide baseboard providing more stability than other portable options and a full range of exercises to target every muscle group. It’s also the most affordable on our list, and comes with several accessories including a wrist/ankle strap, a door anchor with ring, and handles for various exercises.

Unlike the other options on this list, the Bodyblade uses an advanced technology popularized by Bowflex that results in smoother action and less adjusting during a workout. It also offers a variety of exercises and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

A squat bar with handles for pulling and pushing, this set of two includes an adjustable brace to support your legs in the doorway or on the floor for better leverage. It also features a handle on the top for a triceps extension exercise. This compact home bar has the most sturdiness of our top picks and also has an instructional DVD that shows how to perform all of its movements. It’s also the only option on our list to have a metal lock for added stability and safety. The X3 Bar is the best overall home workout bar, combining beginner-friendly ease with advanced strength training. It’s also the only option on this list to offer the most complete package of exercises—along with a large storage bag and an extensive instruction manual.

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