How to Become a Morning Workout Person

When you commit to being a morning workout person, it’s important to make your intentions known to the world (or at least the people in your social circle). Whether they’re supportive or skeptical, this will help you feel accountable to follow through on your goal and encourage you to keep going even when you don’t want to.

It may take a few weeks or months before you become a true morning workout person, but the payoff is worth the struggle. Studies show that those who work out first thing in the day are more successful at sticking with their health and fitness goals than those who exercise later in the day. Plus, getting up early to sweat before the rest of the world is out of the way is a great way to set yourself up for success in all other aspects of your life.

To ensure that you have enough time to exercise and still get to your work/school commitments on time, set a realistic target for how early you’ll wake up for your workout. Start with your earliest immovable obligation in the morning, like getting kids to school or heading to the office, and plan backward. Adjusting your sleep schedule is a gradual process, so start small by setting your alarm a few minutes earlier each week until you’ve reached your desired morning workout time.

Having your gym clothes, water bottle, and wearable charging in the same spot can reduce the number of obstacles standing between you and your morning workout. This will cut down on the wasted time of fumbling around half-asleep and deciding what to wear, and it’ll also give you an extra boost of motivation knowing that your gear is already ready for action when you step out of bed.

Sticking with any kind of new habit is easier when you combine it with an existing one. Whether it’s the routine of brushing your teeth or putting on your headphones, linking your morning workout to an established habit makes it easier for you to follow through on your commitment. Plus, by combining your new habit with an activity that you enjoy, you’ll feel excited about waking up early and hitting the gym or track.

Keeping your motivation high is all about finding a workout that you truly love. Whether that’s a solo morning yoga session, an energizing dance cardio class, or some quality time in the boxing ring, find a workout that you look forward to each and every day. This will make it much easier to wake up when you know you have something awesome on the horizon, like a morning workout sesh with your favorite instructor or a killer leg lift in the boxing ring. Just be sure to avoid workouts that require a lot of equipment in the morning, especially now during COVID-19, when many gyms have limited availability.

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