When it comes to buying home gym equipment, there are many options on the market. It’s a bit difficult to sort through the hype and find high-quality gear that fits your needs and budget. Thankfully, there are a number of great home gym review sites that provide the information you need to make an informed purchase. These websites aren’t shilling cheap Amazon products, either – they offer honest reviews of a wide variety of quality home gym equipment.

If you’re serious about training at home, then a good power rack or squat stand is essential. This piece of equipment provides a safe way to rack a bar for overhead presses and squats, as well as access to safety spotters for those days you train solo. Many of these units also feature a pull-up bar for a bit of additional versatility.

A few other pieces of garage gym equipment you should consider include a yoga mat to create a comfortable surface for lifting and training, a weight belt, and a water bottle. These items will keep you comfortable, focused, and hydrated throughout your workouts. Depending on your workout goals, you might also want to invest in a TV or music player for your garage gym.

Before you invest in a new set of weights, sit down and think about your workout goals. This will help you decide what type of home gym equipment you need and how much space you can afford. If you’re aiming to be the next Brian Shaw, then that might require Atlas stones, logs, hundreds of pounds of weights (eventually), farmer’s handles, and some serious space in your garage.

Generally, you should aim to have at least a two-car garage or basement. This will allow you to build a full home gym that gives you plenty of space to move and allows you to do multiple exercises at once without feeling crowded. You should also consider how much you’ll spend and if you’re able to commit to making payments over time.

One of the best garage gym equipment is the Force USA G6, which has a power rack, functional trainer, smith machine, dip station, and dual adjustable pulleys. This compact unit can add a lot of variety to your home gym and allows you to centralize your cable movements, which is especially helpful for people with limited space.

The FT 3000 is another solid option that’s a bit more compact than the G6. This machine can be a little finicky with the cables, but it’s still a sturdy and versatile piece of home gym equipment.

This website dropped a bit in 2022 because their navigation has become a little cluttered and disorganized, making it more difficult to access things like their Sunday surveys or reviews of specific pieces of gym equipment. However, they still have awesome recommendations and an extremely dedicated audience. This website should continue to be a top resource for those looking for home gym equipment.

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