Running shorts are an essential piece of running gear. They protect the skin from direct sun exposure, allow a greater range of movement, and help prevent chafing. They come in a wide variety of styles, materials, and lengths, and runners can select from a number of features, such as an inner liner, pockets, or a high or low split hem. Some models even have antimicrobial treatments to ward off the odors that can occur during sweaty runs.

Many runners choose to run in shorts that stop just above the knee, though some prefer longer running shorts that offer more coverage. In general, it is best to find a pair of running shorts that feel comfortable on your legs and torso and that match the color and style of your other running gear.

Some running shorts have a built-in mesh brief that provides support and cuts down on the risk of chafing while running. The briefs are located within the outer shorts and can be adjusted for a snug fit by pulling on an internal drawstring in the waistband. They also offer a zippered back pocket and a drop-in pocket in the waistband that is ideal for holding keys, nutrition, and phones. The shorts are made from a breathable and lightweight woven fabric that feels soft against the skin and offers good protection from the sun while running.

Runners who wish to avoid chafing can buy running shorts that have a long liner. The liner extends down past the crotch area to protect the skin from contact with other clothing or the ground, and it is available in various thicknesses to suit different runners’ needs. Some runners may need to wear leg sleeves or apply chafe balm to the thighs in addition to running with a liner.

While the price of running shorts varies, it is possible to find a decent pair for a reasonable cost. The Baleaf men’s running shorts are an excellent example, as they are highly affordable and feature a lot of the same features found on more expensive pairs. They are made from a durable and breathable polyester-spandex blend and have an inner drawstring in the waistband to dial in a snug fit. They have a 3-inch inseam and side-split hem for flexibility, and they come in a number of colors. Those with thicker thighs might want to consider sizing up for better comfort.

If you’re looking for a pair of running shorts that will provide a great balance of performance and value, check out the Nike Dri-FIT Fast 2” Short. These running shorts are designed for speedwork and sprinting, and they have a snug and form-fitting design that fits the contours of the leg well without being too tight. They have a 1-inch inseam and are made from a comfortable and stretchy woven material that is both light and breathable. A built-in mesh brief and a flat-seam construction reduce the risk of chafing during a workout, and the shorts have reflective details that improve visibility during nighttime runs.

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