Life Fitness Ab Crunch Bench review

If you are looking for a core training bench, the Life Fitness Signature Series Ab Crunch Bench is a great option. The adjustable bench allows you to perform a wide variety of exercises. It features molded foam, contoured cushions and a built in weight horn. For even more resistance, add weight plates to the horn.

This bench is built with a dual pivot motion that effectively replicates the abdominal crunch movement. The supportive head pads and back pads help you to maintain proper form during the crunch. You can use it with free weights or the Power Cage. As with all of the Signature Series benches, this piece is a total strength solution.

Designed with optimal biomechanics in mind, the Signature Series is equipped to challenge the most advanced exercisers. With elevated aesthetics and hardworking aesthetics, this equipment is designed to create a cohesive environment that is inviting to both beginner and advanced users. Whether you are working out in a commercial gym or at home, the Signature Series offers a complete strength solution.

Life Fitness is the world’s leading fitness equipment brand. This line of equipment is featured in more than 165 countries. With a full range of colour options and instructional placards, you can select a Life Fitness piece that suits your personal taste and needs. All pieces of the Signature Series are manufactured with the highest quality standards. These machines are durable, comfortable and versatile. Whether you are a novice or an advanced exerciser, the Signature Series offers the perfect solution for your core training. Invest in a Life Fitness ab bench today. See the difference it can make to your fitness routine!

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