The Life Fitness IC7 Bike is one of the more expensive spin bikes and indoor cycles that features direct power measurement and a high-end console. Its unique technology is what sets this bike apart from the rest and is what makes it worth its premium price tag.

This cycle is designed for semi-professional and elite cyclists and is made of high quality materials that provide a comfortable riding experience. It uses a belt drive system which is quieter and requires less maintenance than a chain drive system. It also has an adjustable saddle and handlebars with four-way adjustability. The handlebars have a comfortable grip and the console can display workout metrics, including calories, time, distance, and heart rate. It also has bluetooth and ANT+ compatibility so you can sync it with your strap heart rate monitor and other apps.

In terms of resistance, the IC7 bike has an easy to use knob with 100 clicks which is a nice feature that helps you accurately change your intensity level during workouts. It’s more precise than a few other magnetic resistance indoor cycling bikes that I tried which only had a percentage on the LCD screen. The knob is also more precise than the controls on some other models that have only one resistance level, which is a good thing since it’s easier to get in the zone with less adjustments needed.

Other noteworthy features include the self-powered generator which doesn’t need to be plugged in or take batteries, a WattRate Power Meter console with Coach by Color intensity guide for user and instructor, and a front LED display that indicates training intensity. The IC7 bike can be connected to the free ICG training app which provides metric tracking, instructor-led workouts, scenic rides, and more.

Another great feature of this cycle is its accurate cadence sensor. Most wheel-on or direct power trainers only estimate cadence by measuring the velocity of the flywheel. This isn’t as accurate as a pedal-based cadence sensor. The IC7 bike has a sensor mounted on the cranks which is much more accurate than the ones on other spinning bikes.

Overall, the IC7 is a great option for semi-professional and elite cyclists who want to follow live online spin classes. However, if you’re a novice cyclist or someone who prefers a large screen on an indoor cycle with automatic resistance adjustment during classes, I would recommend an alternative like the Peloton or NordicTrack S22i studio cycle instead. Both of these indoor cycles have a larger screen, are compatible with iFit which provides access to live and on-demand spin classes, and offer a smooth ride. But they also come with a higher price tag and don’t have the same features as the IC7 bike.

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