When it comes to treadmills, Life Fitness makes some of the best on the market. Their Platinum Club Series is one such model and it carries the same look and feel as the treadmills in any high-end gym. With a 4.0 AC motor, a large 22-inch deck, and incline capability, it can handle almost any workout. In addition to the club-quality deck and motor, it features a number of great entertainment options like a 19” HD touch screen, TV and Internet connectivity, Lifescape courses, RunSocial, and compatible fitness apps.

The Club Series is the highest-end residential treadmill from Life Fitness, but it’s also a behemoth at over 450 pounds. Unlike some of the folding models, it requires a dedicated spot in your home because it doesn’t fold up like a book. To make the setup process a little bit easier, Life Fitness offers White Glove delivery and installation for an additional $199. The treadmill is available in four frame colors: Arctic silver, black onyx, diamond white, and titanium storm.

This model is a little pricey at over $7000, but it’s still a good deal for the money. It is one of the most advanced residential treadmills with a club-quality deck and motor, a number of workout programs, and a good warranty. In addition, it’s much cheaper than commercial treadmills and has a larger running surface than most other models.

One of the few drawbacks to this treadmill is the lack of a built-in fan. However, this is a small sacrifice to make in order to get a more durable machine that can stand up to the most demanding workouts.

The platinum-series has a few other advantages that set it apart from the rest of the lineup, including a larger running deck and more workout programs. It’s also more expensive than the Club Series, but it’s worth the extra cost if you want a treadmill that’s designed to last for many years.

You can buy this treadmill from a Life Fitness affiliate, including the Fitness Outlet and Exercise Warehouse. All of these retailers have a good reputation and provide competitive prices. In addition, they have a variety of shipping and payment options to suit your needs.

Life Fitness has a strict return policy, but they do accept returns for damaged merchandise in transit. If you want to make a return, you’ll need to contact them within 15 days of the purchase date and they’ll have the final say.

The company’s reluctance to include a web-capable console on this treadmill is frustrating. There are other brands with similar treadmills that offer a web-capable console for one or two thousand dollars less. This is especially disappointing since Life Fitness’s equipment is often found in gyms, and their treadmills are rated for home use.

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