running shorts long distance

The right pair of running shorts can help you run faster, farther and more comfortably. They should be lightweight, feel comfortable on your legs and move with your stride without bunching or chafing. They should also be able to keep you cool and dry while you’re sweating, so your performance doesn’t suffer from excess heat or moisture.

Some runners opt for a compression pair of running shorts that offers added muscle support and improves blood flow, which can help you perform better during your workout or race. This type of running shorts is typically made with a polyester/spandex blend and includes features such as a waistband that won’t pinch or ride up during your run. The added support in these pairs of shorts may not be needed for everyone, however, so look for a pair that’s made with soft, flexible fabrics and a waistband that won’t pinch your skin or get too tight during the long miles.

If you want a pair of running shorts that can handle the long haul, consider a pair with a high split hem. These pairs of running shorts offer added flexibility in the thighs while you’re moving and they reduce friction between your thighs, which can cause irritation. They also work well if you want to wear a pair of compression bottoms or other underwear beneath them because they have enough space for your undergarments.

When you’re shopping for a pair of long-distance running shorts, look for a style that offers plenty of storage for your keys, ID and other gear. You’ll find shorts with internal envelope pockets, drop pockets and zippered pockets. You’ll also find that the longer your runs are, the more storage you may need in your running shorts to carry your essentials.

The 4.5-inch inseam of these running shorts from Patagonia allows them to stay comfortable for long runs, and they feature two zip side pockets for small items that won’t bounce too much while you’re running. They’re built with recycled polyester (plus 10% spandex for stretch) and have a fitted inner liner that feels soft against your skin.

You can wear these shorts with or without the built-in lining. Some runners prefer to remove the lining because it can lead to chafing, while others prefer the additional support it provides and the fact that you don’t have to wear underwear with them.

If you’re looking for a great pair of long-distance running shorts, check out the BOA Stretch Elite Split Short. They have a 4-way stretch fabric and hidden splits on the sides to allow for a wide range of movement so you can really open up your stride. They also include a back pocket with a snap closure and a drop-in pocket in the waistband. They’re available in a few different lengths, including 3-inch and 5-inch options, and they’re a great choice for runners who are looking for an upgrade from their current shorts.

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