mens compression running shorts

If you’re looking to get the most out of your workouts, you need gear that will move with you without irritating your skin. Mens compression running shorts are a great option. They offer a snug fit that helps increase blood flow and oxygenation to the muscles you’re working out, helping reduce muscle soreness after workouts. In addition, they help prevent chafing and can make your workout more comfortable overall.

Some of the best compression shorts feature an inner liner that’s more like a boxer brief, or they have separate lines for the short and brief. They can also be made with less compression than other models and are often used by runners who want to minimize the amount of fabric they touch while they run.

Most of these mens compression running shorts are made with polyester and nylon blends, which are light and breathable to help you stay cool on your run. Look for a waistband that is soft on the skin and that stays in place, as well as pockets big enough to hold your keys or phone while you run. Then, make sure the shorts you choose have minimal, finished flat seams that are not only stylish but will prevent chafing and hot spots during your workouts.

While some of these compression shorts are only available in men’s sizes, others come in women’s styles as well. The 2XU Core Compression Shorts, for example, are available in both men’s and women’s models. They’re essentially the same in both versions, but the women’s version has different hem and inseam lengths as well as a different waistband design that is more forgiving on the hips.

Another option for mens compression running shorts is the Brooks 5-inch Method spandex shorts. These shorts are lightweight and have a flattering cut to help fight chafing, plus they come in fun color options that can add some flair to your workout. They are a bit tighter than some of the other models on this list, but they have a drawcord around the waist to help runners customize the fit and a pocket big enough for a phone or key.

Most of these mens compression running shorts have a 1-3″ inseam, and some are even split style. This allows you to maximize range of motion while running, but it can cause more friction between your legs than full-length shorts. Some people also find that they have to wear a waist belt or hydration vest with these shorts to avoid chafing and other discomfort, which can distract from your run. It’s worth checking out the reviews of these shorts to see how other runners have experienced them, and to gauge whether or not they work for you.

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