mens compression shorts with pocket

If you run with your phone, a good pair of shorts can mean the difference between feeling uncomfortable and comfortably secure. The best men’s compression shorts with pocket have an inner liner designed for your phone, a comfortable waistband that doesn’t ride up, and deep pockets to stash all your running essentials.

Most men’s compression shorts with pocket are made from a combination of polyester and spandex or elastane. This fabric is lightweight and stretchy enough for full freedom of movement, but also moisture-wicking to keep you dry through even your sweatiest workouts. For more comfort, you can find some shorts that are odor-resistant as well. The inseam measurement of a pair of running shorts refers to how far down your leg the shorts sit, with options ranging from 3-inch shorts up to 5-inch and 7-inch lengths. A shorter inseam will cover less of your leg and be cooler for warmer runs, while longer options are better for cold weather or long distances.

Many men’s compression shorts with pocket feature a built-in inner liner for added support and chafing protection. This liner is either a mesh brief or a spandex-type compression tight, and it’s usually designed to fit snugly over the thigh to prevent chafing against other clothing. Some of the best running shorts with pockets include a padded waistband for extra comfort and a zippered phone pocket that fits most modern phones. Some runners prefer a looser liner that allows for easy adjustments while running, while others prefer the tighter feel of a snugger, more supportive liner.

The right pair of compression shorts can be a game-changer for runners who struggle with discomfort and chafing. But even for everyday wear, it’s important to find a pair of shorts that are comfortable without riding up or bunching. This is especially true if you spend a lot of time at the gym or on the track, where you can build up a sweat that leads to unpleasant chafing.

This pair of UnderArmour men’s running shorts has a tight but comfortable waistband that stays in place and doesn’t bounce, even through strenuous workouts. They have a pair of side pockets and a back velcro pocket for all your running gear, including keys and cash. The oversized side pockets are deep and spacious, and the rear zip pocket is large enough to hold a smartphone. The padded waistband also keeps these shorts from moving around while you train, and the stretchy fabric is soft and breathable. These running shorts with pockets are available in a variety of colors to match any outfit, and they’re a great option for casual wear after your workout or race as well.

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