mens fitted running shorts

A pair of mens fitted running shorts can be a workout wardrobe staple that serves many purposes. They can be worn with a T-shirt or tank for warm-weather runs or under an insulated layer when temperatures drop. The fabric and fit of mens fitted running shorts are important factors in how comfortable they are to wear during exercise. They also impact performance and durability. If a pair of running shorts feel restrictive or rub against the legs when they’re being worn, it’s time to upgrade to a better pair.

The most comfortable mens fitted running shorts are constructed of lightweight, breathable materials. They should also include some form of moisture-wicking technology, as well as anti-odor technology. In addition to these qualities, a good pair of running shorts should offer some form of ventilation. This can help prevent overheating on hot days and during intense workouts, while allowing the sweat to escape, rather than pooling on the skin.

Most running shorts are made from a stretchy, synthetic fabric that’s often woven in a crisscross pattern for added strength and flexibility. Some models use spandex or other types of compression fabrics to add support and comfort. Some feature built-in briefs or compression liners, like the boxer-brief style of the SAXX Hightail running shorts. These can help to reduce chafing, which is a common problem for runners.

A good pair of running shorts should be designed to handle everything that a runner will throw at them. This includes long runs in all types of weather, sprinting up and down hills and other forms of cross training. Mens fitted running shorts that are designed to do all of this will typically include features that are specific to running, such as a comfortable liner and a wide waistband.

Some runners prefer the skin-tight support and enhanced range of motion offered by compression shorts, such as this top-rated pair from Brooks Compression. They’re snug in all the right places and seamless on the sides to reduce chafing. This pair sits a little higher than traditional running shorts, but they still provide plenty of coverage for men with larger thighs. They’re made from a polyester blend that wicks away sweat and dries quickly. A drawcord at the waist lets you adjust the fit. This pair of running shorts has slim side pockets that can hold a phone or wallet and a waistband pocket with an internal zip pocket.

If you’re shopping for a new pair of mens fitted running shorts, consider the fabric, ventilation and other key features that are most important to you. A good pair will be soft and comfortable against the skin, and it should have built-in briefs or a compression liner to avoid chafing. The price of a good pair of running shorts will vary, but you can find some great options for under $50. A good pair of mens fitted running shorts will also be durable and made to last, so look for a pair that is backed by a manufacturer’s warranty.

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