A good pair of running shorts or tights can make all the difference in whether you enjoy your run and are able to keep going. From inseam length to 2-in-1 design, compression, and waistband fit – there are many things to consider when picking out your next pair of men’s running tights or shorts.

The best running tights for men are made with fabrics that wick sweat away and resist odors, keeping you comfortable as you run. These materials typically are a blend of polyester and nylon, spandex, or elastane. The fabric in most of the tights we’ve tested is also soft against your skin and stretches well for great mobility, so you don’t feel constricted or overly constrained as you run.

If you plan to use your running tights in cold weather, look for water-resistant or wind-proof fabrics that will help protect you from snow, rain, and chilly breezes. You may also want to choose a pair with a warm fleece liner for additional warmth during cold weather runs. Most trail and ultrarunning brands also offer tights with a heavier weight Gore-Tex material for very cold or wet conditions.

Some runners prefer a full-length tight that covers the entire leg to help keep them warm from head to toe. These are great options for fall and spring runs when temperatures start to cool and days turn shorter. For very cold or wet running, mens waterproof running tights like the Gore Wear R5 Gore-Tex Infinium Tights will help keep you warm while offering a degree of protection from rain and snow.

For those who like to wear a little less coverage and are primarily running in milder weather, half-tights are a good option. A pair of half-tights from SenseKnit will keep you warm with plenty of stretch for movement and a comfortable waistband that won’t ride up too high. The SenseKnit material is a soft, quick-drying, and supportive fabric with four-way stretch that helps to support muscles as you move. Two leg pockets and a zippered rear pocket provide storage space, and the waistband has an adjustable drawstring to customize the fit.

The most important feature of any pair of running shorts or tights is comfort and fit. A waistband that sits lower on the hips is often preferred by runners to avoid the “riding up” feeling of some high-waisted running pants. You’ll also want to be able to comfortably tuck in your shirt and have the waist adjust for comfort when you’re moving as you run.

Another aspect to consider is how easy it is to get your running tights on and off over your shoes. While we love the ankle zips on the UA Storm Breathable Half-Tights, they’re somewhat difficult to work with over shoes that are too large. Additionally, the front waistband pockets are slightly smaller than what we’d prefer and do not have a bungee to hold a key or other small item. Ultimately, this is just a personal preference and doesn’t really impact the overall rating for these tights.

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