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Unlike some other endurance sports, the minimal gear required to get out and run consists of a pair of running shoes and a pair of running shorts. With the right pair, you’re free to focus solely on the workout and getting in your miles without distractions like itchy fabric or unnecessarily loose waistbands. The most important features are the waistband and liner, as anything else is more of a preference.

The ideal running shorts feel airy against the skin, which keeps you cool during runs in hot conditions, and have thin materials for wicking moisture as it accumulates. They’re typically made from synthetic fabrics, but some offer more natural fibers like cotton for comfort and stretch. In any case, look for finishes such as flat seams to minimize chafing.

When it comes to the waistband, choose a design that feels snug and secure on the hip but doesn’t pull when you bend or move. A drawstring can adjust the fit, and some models also feature a small back pocket (outfitted with a zipper on men’s versions) for storage that doesn’t bounce while you’re running.

A brief or boxer-style liner can prevent chafing from skin to fabric, and many runners prefer the extra support of a liner when wearing shorts. However, some runners have no need for a liner and can benefit from the freedom of movement offered by lighter, less bulky shorts.

Another element to consider is how much sun exposure you want while you’re running. Some shorter shorts can reveal too much of your thigh, but others are designed to keep the sun at bay with a longer, higher-inseam cut.

Lastly, when you’re shopping for running shorts, look for a design that fits your body type and style preferences. Some people like looser shorts while others prefer tighter ones for a more tailored fit. Many shorts are available in a variety of colors and patterns to complement any outfit, but if you’re looking for the most comfortable fit, opt for something that hugs your legs rather than billowing out around them.

These affordable men’s running shorts from Baleaf feature a polyester-spandex blend and a wide waistband for stability, plus an internal drawstring that lets you dial in the perfect fit. They’re also breathable, with mesh panels that maximize ventilation and an inner brief-style liner for support. The 3-inch inseam is appropriate for most runners, though thicker-thighed men might need to size up a bit for proper comfort.

These sleek, high-rise men’s running shorts from Tracksmith are designed with an internal drawstring to hug your hips for a snug but comfortable fit. They’re crafted from a lightweight, micro-perforated nylon with a four-way stretch and a soft feel against the skin. They have a back zipper pocket for phone storage and two drop-in side pockets for snacks or keys, and they feature a brief-style liner that feels smooth against the thigh. They have a 2-inch inseam and come in a variety of colors.

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