mens running shorts with pockets

Mens running shorts with pockets are a great way to carry essential items like keys and cards during your run. However, not all running shorts with pockets are designed the same, so it is important to consider what kind of items you plan on carrying and to check out the product specifications to ensure your device will fit. Many running shorts also feature a back zipper pocket for additional storage, so be sure to look at the size of these as well.

A good pair of mens running shorts with pockets will be comfortable, lightweight, and breathable to help keep you cool while you’re out on the road or trail. Ideally, they will be made of moisture-wicking fabric that is often blended with spandex or elastane to allow for flexibility and a full range of motion. They may also be engineered with odor-resistance technologies to help you stay fresh on long runs and in hot conditions.

When shopping for a new pair of running shorts with pockets, it’s also a good idea to consider the inseam length, as this will determine how much fabric covers your legs. Some runners may prefer a more conservative cut in the form of a mini-short, while others will want a longer inseam for added coverage and coverage from the elements. Many brands have also created hybrid versions of these types of shorts, which have a shorter liner to prevent chafing and a longer section of fabric covering the rest of the leg.

Another consideration to make is whether or not the shorts have a built-in pocket for keys and a back zippered pocket for your phone. Having these features will save you the time and hassle of wearing a waist belt or running vest, which can be both uncomfortable and restrictive.

When it comes to pockets, the best running shorts for men with pockets will have deep, wide side pockets that can easily fit a typical smartphone and are securely locked into place so they don’t bounce or fall out while you run. They should also be located in a spot that will sit high on your hip, which will reduce the amount of jostling caused by movement. Aside from these outer pockets, the best running shorts with pockets will have a secure inner pocket that can store emergency cash and nutritional snacks for your run.

These running shorts from Rockay feature two large, deep side pockets that can comfortably hold a standard smartphone and are secured with zippers to prevent them from flapping during your run. The waistband has a drawstring to provide a snug fit, which is especially helpful if you wear your running shorts under a looser athletic top.

The Rockay Distance Shorts were designed with both comfort and performance in mind, and were extensively tested by elite athletes such as Olympian Ryan Hall and ultrarunner Rich Roll. They are incredibly lightweight and thin, which makes them comfortable to run in even on warmer days. These shorts feature a small back pocket that is big enough to hold most smartphones, along with a small inner pocket for keys and cash. The inner pocket is secured with a mesh lining to prevent chafing and keep your belongings from shifting around during the run.

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