Outdoor Fitness Equipment amp Fitness Stations for Parks

Outdoor Fitness Equipment & Fitness Stations for Parks

The benefits of community fitness parks extend beyond creating an area where people can work out. They also encourage a healthier lifestyle. People who exercise more often and for longer periods of time tend to eat better, spend less time in sedentary activities and, ultimately, make the community safer and healthier overall.

A well-designed fitness park will include a variety of functional, bodyweight and resistance exercises designed for all ages and abilities. These workouts can be grouped together into an outdoor gym, spread out as a trail of fitness stations or even integrated with children’s playground equipment. Each piece of equipment should be made with quality materials that are durable enough to withstand harsh weather and wear and tear from repeated use. It should also be aesthetically pleasing and easy to use for those who are new to fitness.

Whether it’s placed in the middle of a city park or in a gated residential community, these fitness parks bring people together in a social environment that promotes accountability and builds relationships. They provide a cost-effective alternative to expensive gym memberships that will continue to draw visitors back.

Research shows that individuals are more likely to stick with a fitness regimen when it is fun. Adding an obstacle course or a series of exercise stations in a park will create a place that draws in visitors and keeps them coming back. Creating a fitness destination without the constraints of walls or the price of a gym membership can change how a community works out and will help people maintain their fitness goals long term.

In addition, incorporating exercise into a natural setting can reduce the risk of injury and lower health costs. When people are injured in a gym, they tend to spend less time exercising and more time consuming sedentary activities. In a park, injury rates are much lower and the body is able to heal itself more quickly and fully.

The city of East Orange, New Jersey recently installed a set of 10 fitness stations in two of its local parks. Each station is ADA compliant and designed for a range of age and capability levels. The equipment is effective for strengthening upper and lower body, leg and core strength as well as increasing agility, flexibility and endurance.

Each fitness station is accompanied by instructional plaques that demonstrate proper usage and offer safety tips. The equipment is also designed to encourage multi-generational and inclusive fitness by being positioned alongside children’s playground equipment. The combination of adult and youth equipment allows parents to get a workout in while watching their kids play.

Miracle Recreation takes the unique space, needs and budget of your park into consideration when designing a functional outdoor gym. We offer single and multigym configurations, each with 19+ different functional, bodyweight and resistance exercises. A single fitness station requires a larger footprint, while a multigym system offers a full range of fitness options in as little as 150 square feet.

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