outdoor voices running shorts

Getting the right gear for outdoor workouts like trail running can make all the difference. Aside from a pair of sneakers, breathable, sweat-wicking shorts are the most important piece of apparel you can buy for the outdoors. And if you’re in the market for a new pair, you might want to consider shopping at Outdoor Voices, which offers a selection of running and exercise shorts in a range of colors, sizes and fabrics.

The company’s mission is to get people moving. The Boulder, Colorado-based brand has a reputation for creating activewear that’s functional and fashionable. It has a cult following among women who look for workout clothes that are “made to sweat in” (the founder of the retailer, Tyler Haney, hates the term athleisure). But it’s not all about looking good while you work up a sweat. Haney and her team design clothes that are also made to last.

Reviewed’s strategist Maxine Builder is a big fan of the brand’s All Day pants, which she says are comfortable enough for lounging around the house in but still stretchy and lightweight for any activity outside. She’s used them for everything from walking the dog to a yoga class and a jog along the neighborhood trails. “They’re the best athleisure I’ve ever tried,” she said. “They don’t bunch up on the waist, they have a nice fit, and they keep their shape after a lot of wear.”

In addition to performance fabric that’s both lightweight and sweat-wicking, you’ll want to look for a pair of run shorts with pockets. A couple of the pairs we tested have waist-belt-style pockets, which make it easy to leave a backpack at home for shorter runs and can help prevent accidental flashing during workouts on public paths and sidewalks. If you’re planning on a longer distance, we recommend choosing a pair of shorts that have an inner liner.

Many of the pair of outdoor voices running shorts that we tested have small reflective details, but they may not be as bright as some of the gear designed for road running. If you’re a trail runner and plan to go out in the early morning or after sunset, we suggest choosing a pair of shorts that have more reflective detailing.

The Outdoor Voices Relay shorts we tested are light and breathable, but they’re not as wicking as some other pair we’ve tested. They also don’t have a liner, which can mean that your legs will feel more exposed than in a pair of bike shorts or other running shorts that do have liners. If you’re planning to run in public, we recommend choosing a pair of the other running shorts in this review that have liners. You can also choose a pair of OV shorts, like the Hudson Shorts, which have a liner but are less expensive than the Relay. Those also have a flattering cut and a mix of smooth and slubbed fabric.

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