Why did I start to practice exercises daily?

Everything started when I looked at myself in a mirror and realized that I wasn’t comfortable with the status of my entire body. I wanted to drain the belly fat that was starting, and my legs and arms were not as strong and aligned to my whole body as I wanted.

Practice Exercises Daily

My muscle mass was decreasing. I did a bit of research and found out that if we don’t use our muscles, they will start to shrink and become weaker. This means that everyday tasks such as walking up stairs or carrying groceries can become more difficult.

Cardiovascular health can also suffer when you don’t exercise – the heart isn’t getting the same aerobic workout and won’t be able to pump as efficiently, increasing the risk for heart disease. Your mental health can be affected too – without physical activity, energy levels may drop, which affects productivity and motivation in everyday life.

From that information, I decided to start exercising. I found it very difficult initially because I wasn’t used to it, but later I started to get used to it. Nowadays, when I do not practice any exercise for the entire day, I feel that something is missing. 

Challenges to practice exercises daily

Exercising can be hard, especially if you need a routine or schedule that works for you. There have certainly been some challenges I faced in practising exercises daily, which has made it difficult for me to stay motivated and focused on my fitness goals.

When trying to exercise every day, I found that getting the proper amount of rest was vital. If I didn’t get enough sleep at night, I would be too tired during the day and wouldn’t have the energy or motivation to work out.

Additionally, there are days when life gets in the way of working out, whether it’s extra work commitments or unexpected family obligations. On these days, I had difficulty finding time in my busy schedule to fit in an exercise routine, as well as getting over feeling guilty about not making time for it.

What Keeps me motivated?

Exercising every day is a great way to stay healthy, but it can be hard to keep up with your exercise routine. Many of us start out full of enthusiasm and then run into motivation issues that make it difficult to stick with our workout plan. Here are some tips for keeping yourself motivated to exercise every day.

Set a realistic goal

I had to set myself a realistic goal and break it down into achievable chunks so that I don’t feel overwhelmed. I avoided focusing too much on the end result; instead, I focused on what I could do each day to get closer to my goal. Making progress towards something is always motivating and rewarding for me.

Track Your Progress

When it comes to staying motivated to exercise daily, one of the best ways to do so is by tracking your progress. This way, you can easily measure your accomplishments and continue setting goals for yourself.

I then tracked my progress by recording the amount of time I spent working out, how many reps or sets I had performed, what exercises I completed and so on. Knowing that I was making improvements helps keep me motivated to continue exercising daily.

Find an Exercise Partner

Finding a workout partner was the key to my success. Exercise partners provide moral support and accountability and help keep you motivated on days when it’s hard to get moving.

When looking for an exercise partner, I thought of choosing someone who has similar goals and interests as mine. It’s helpful if the person is at the same fitness level or slightly more advanced than you so that neither one of you will be intimidated by the other’s workout routine.

If possible, choose someone who shares your enthusiasm for physical activity so that it’s a fun experience rather than a chore.

I always make sure we talk to each other about expectations and boundaries before beginning any kind of exercise routine together.

Reward Yourself

It can be so hard to make yourself get up and go for a run or to the gym, after all! But there are some great ways that you can reward yourself while exercising. Doing so will keep you motivated, and it will help make exercise more enjoyable.

What I normally do to give myself incentive while exercising is by setting goals and rewarding myself when those goals have been met. For example, if my goal is going for a 5km run each week, reward yourself with something small like a belly fat loss modelling belt, running shoes or a new top. Then when the time comes around for another 5km run next week, I’ll have something extra to inspire me.

What changes have I experienced after a few months of doing exercises?

Daily exercise can be a great way to stay healthy and improve your overall quality of life. But how do I feel now that I have been exercising regularly?

When I was starting, I experienced an increase in my energy level. This is due to the body’s natural release of endorphins when performing physical activity. Additionally, the improved circulation from daily exercise sends oxygen to the brain, which increases alertness and concentration throughout the day.

Regular exercise also helped improve my sleep patterns by making it easier to fall asleep at night and wake up feeling more rested in the morning.

Overall, practising exercises on a regular basis led to a variety of health benefits, such as increased energy levels, better sleep quality, as well as improved mental focus.

My final thought

One lesson I want to share with you is that most of my friends take a long time before they start improving their bodies just because of procrastination. But remember that the earlier you start, the sooner you get your desired results.

Also, you should bear in mind that exercising is a lifestyle process. So, regardless of your current body status, you will have enough fitness activities in your entire life to keep yourself healthy.


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