running shorts as casual wear

Running shorts are a great option for casual wear as well as for running and other sports. They are comfortable to wear and are lightweight. Some running shorts also have reflective elements to help runners stay safe on the road or trails. They may also have zip pockets to store keys or other items. Some shorts even have built-in briefs to reduce the chance of chafing.

The type of running shorts you choose will depend on the length of run you are going to do, how much mobility you need and other factors like what kind of weather you’ll be doing your runs in. For example, a long-distance run requires longer inseam running shorts to give you room for movement but shorter inseam running shorts are good for sprinters who need more mobility and flexibility.

Regardless of the type of run you are doing, most running shorts will be made of a fabric that is quick to dry and breathable so that you stay cool, comfortable and dry. A fabric such as polyester, a polyester-spandex blend or nylon will be quick to wick moisture away from the skin and allow it to evaporate quickly. Natural fibres such as cotton tend to hold moisture, which can lead to chafing, so you should avoid them.

Many runners find that a lining sewn into their running shorts helps to prevent chafing as they move through the different range of motion during a run. They may also be lined with a material such as Body Glide to help keep the skin protected and to reduce the friction that can cause chafing. Some running shorts are designed to be worn over a pair of tights or other form-fitting underwear, while others have built-in briefs that eliminate the need for an additional layer of underwear and make it easier for runners to switch to a different pair of underwear if needed.

For a more casual look, some women may choose to wear their running shorts with a shirt that is also made of performance fabric and pair them with sneakers or casual shoes. They can also choose to dress up their running shorts by wearing them with a skirt and adding a blazer or cardigan jacket over it.

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