running shorts back zipper pocket

A back zipper pocket on your running shorts can be a big plus, as it can keep your keys, money or other items safe from the prying eyes of fellow runners or passersby. It also means you don’t have to worry about having to carry your things in your hands during your workout, which can make your run more comfortable and convenient.

The best running shorts with back zip pockets offer ample storage options to keep your essentials close at hand, with room for a phone, key and cards. They also sit higher on the waist, so they don’t ride up during a run, and use a soft, supportive built-in liner to avoid any chafing or pinching. These shorts also have a loop at the back for your t-shirt, and are made from a stretchy DriLayer fabric that wicks sweat and dries quickly to help you stay cool.

Running shorts are available in a wide range of styles, from basic cotton blends for low-impact workouts to durable ripstop nylon for rugged mountain trails. You can even find them in a variety of colors and lengths, though it’s important to pick the right ones for your workout goals. For instance, if you’re going for a long, slow distance run, you’ll likely want more articulation in your shorts than you would for high-intensity training sessions, while the ideal inseam may depend on your preferred running style, as some like a shorter inseam while others prefer the extra coverage of a longer pair of running shorts.

In addition to storage space, you’ll also want to consider the quality of the material used in the shorts and the fit. Many budget running shorts have a looser feel and are prone to sagging or falling down, so it’s worth investing a little more into a higher-quality pair of running shorts. Some brands use compression fabrics to help keep your muscles in the right position during a run, while others feature mesh inserts to boost breathability and comfort.

When it comes to a running shorts back zipper pocket, the ideal model is snug and secure enough to hold your phone without bouncing around, but loose enough to give you freedom of movement when you move your arms. In addition to the standard rear pockets, most running shorts with a back zipper pocket have a front hip pocket that can be used for small items like gels or a bar and a side zippered pocket perfect for phones. These pockets usually aren’t as deep as the rear ones, but they are large enough to easily accommodate most smartphones and will keep them securely in place throughout your run.

Other features to look for in a good pair of running shorts with a back zipper pocket are reflective details to enhance visibility and a soft, supportive build to prevent chafing. You’ll also want to think about where the shorts are made and what their track record is in terms of transparency and ethical manufacturing practices. Many running shorts with a back zipper pocket, especially from well-known brands, are made in China. If you’re concerned about this, check out the ratings from ethical fashion guide Good On You before making a purchase.

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