running shorts for skinny guys

There are few things more liberating than putting on your favorite pair of running shorts and heading out on the road. For most runners, the most important gear is the shoes that you wear, but there are plenty of other choices to make when it comes to running apparel. There are a lot of different styles and price points available, and the best pair for you depends on your needs, including how comfortable you want to feel during your runs. For skinny guys, it’s especially important to choose a pair of running shorts that aren’t too tight or constricting. This can help you get the most out of your workouts.

In addition to fit, the fabric that your running shorts are made from is another crucial factor to consider. Some fabrics are heavy and slow to dry, while others are light and wick sweat quickly. Some synthetic fabrics are also antimicrobial and odor-fighting, making them an even better choice for sweaty workouts. Lastly, it’s important to look for a pair of shorts with a high percentage of stretch materials like polyester, spandex and/or elastane. This gives the fabric more flexibility and mobility and will help prevent chafing.

The ideal pair of running shorts for skinny guys will fit close to the skin but shouldn’t be too snug. Too much fabric can be uncomfortable and may cause chafing. It’s also a good idea to look for a pair of shorts that are made from a lightweight material that will help to keep you cool and comfortable during your workout.

Most men’s running shorts have a 5–7-inch inseam, while shorter options exist for more specialized training and racing. Runners who prefer to show more leg tend to go with the longer options, while those who want to stay cool and wick away sweat are typically drawn to the shorter styles.

Some shorts feature an internal drawstring for adjustability and a back pocket to hold a fitness tracker or water bottle. Others offer a short loop at the rear to hang a towel.

Boston-based brand Tracksmith is known for some of the most stylish and unfussy activewear on the market, and these running shorts are no exception. Made from the brand’s Air Flat Out fabric, these lightweight shorts will keep you cool and dry during your workouts. They also have standard side pockets and a built-in brief liner that’s slightly longer than the outer shorts to keep your underwear in place.

The tester who tried out these running shorts for skinny guys found them to be very comfortable and said that they cling to the body in all the right places. However, he noted that those with wider thighs may need to size up a little to find the right fit. Those who want to keep it simple and still enjoy the benefits of the Air Flat Out fabric should check out these lightweight, versatile running shorts from Tracksmith. You’ll find them in a range of colors, and you can even pick up a pair with a contrasting waistband.

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