running shorts liner pocket

A running shorts liner pocket is a useful feature that many runners appreciate, especially since the right pair of lined running shorts can add comfort by reducing friction and irritation. The pocket can be built into the liner or an outer short shell, and it can vary in size and style. Some pockets are zippered (great for a key) while others are open or with an envelope-style opening that’s ideal for snacks and gels. The pocket’s location on the leg is also important, as it will affect how easily you can access and use it while on the go.

Running involves high amounts of friction and movement, which can lead to chafing if the wrong pair of running shorts is chosen. In addition to a liner, the best pair of running shorts should have minimal seams and a stretchy, flexible fabric that can move with you without pinching or riding up. The length of a pair of running shorts is another important factor to consider. Longer shorts offer more coverage, but they can also build up heat and moisture that can cause chafing. Shorter running shorts are more lightweight and typically offer better breathability.

Depending on your preferences, you may want to consider a pair of running shorts with a built-in liner or an external pocket that can hold a phone. Some brands even offer a compression liner inside a regular pair of running shorts, which is designed to reduce chafing and enhance comfort while you run.

You can also find running shorts with just a single pocket, which is great for those who prefer to carry their essentials in a waist belt or hydration vest. Some of these shorts have a zippered back pocket that can fit a smartphone, while others have an open or envelope-style pocket on the leg. Finally, you can find running shorts that are completely unlined, such as the Baleaf Laureate 5 Running Shorts on this list, which provide plenty of stretchy and comfortable support for all types of runs.

While some running fans enjoy the freedom of a no-liner pair of running shorts, many prefer to run with a liner to improve comfort and help guard against chafing. A liner is typically a short inner short that’s worn underneath the main pair of running shorts and wicks sweat to keep you dry. It can also increase the airflow in the legs, which is helpful when running in warm weather. Some liners are also designed to be breathable and moisture-wicking, which can be helpful in hot or humid conditions.

Whether you’re considering a pair of lined or unlined running shorts, it’s a good idea to read reviews of each product to see what other runners have experienced and how the design works for them. Having the right pair of running shorts can make all the difference in how well you feel while you’re training.

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