running shorts measurements

Running is a great form of exercise that can help you get fit, but it’s important to have the right gear. That includes a good pair of running shorts. Running shorts are available in a wide variety of lengths and styles. Depending on your style of running, you’ll want to choose a short that fits well but doesn’t hinder your movement or cause chafing. You should also make sure your shorts are breathable so you can avoid sweat buildup and keep cool while you run.

The first thing you’ll need to decide when choosing a set of running shorts is what length you want them to be. Shorter shorts are generally better suited for hot weather and shorter distances, while longer shorts can be a good choice for road running or long trails.

If you’re planning to take part in a marathon or other endurance event, then you’ll need a longer set of running shorts that will allow you to move more freely and stay comfortable for long periods of time. You’ll also need a good pair of compression shorts to prevent chafing, and you may find that long-distance runners prefer the extra coverage offered by loose fitting running shorts that extend all the way down to the knee.

Runners are also finding that the materials used to make their running shorts are improving. Look for a move away from the traditional microfiber polyesters that stick to the skin and ride up, and for a greater emphasis on breathable, stretch woven fabrics that look and feel better while providing more freedom of movement. The new fabric technology is also making it easier for runners to manage moisture, wicking the sweat and keeping their skin dry while they run.

You’ll also notice that some running shorts come with a built in brief liner while others are designed to be worn over another pair of underwear or compression shorts. Some running shorts are even designed for men, women, and unisex so you can easily choose the right style for your body and running style.

One style of running shorts that’s gaining a following is the split running short. These are typically very short and are designed to free you from excess heat, sweat, and modesty. These shorts are often worn by runners who are competing in a marathon or trying to break their personal records at other competitive events, and they can be quite effective for helping you to run faster.

Other runners may prefer the extra storage that comes with a pair of traditional running shorts that have a zippered back pocket for carrying keys or other items. This can be especially helpful when running in a public area where you might worry about your possessions being stolen. If you have a pair of these running shorts, it’s important to try them on and figure out how they feel while you run so you can be confident that they’re going to serve you well on your next big race or training session.

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