running shorts sizes explained

The right running shorts can make all the difference to your run. Not only can they help prevent major irritations such as chafing or riding up, but they will also enhance your comfort while running and allow you to run faster by not having to worry about friction caused by the fabric rubbing against your skin.

When buying running shorts, there are a number of factors that runners need to take into account including the short length and lining, waist size, and any extra features or functions that the shorts may have. Running shorts typically come in lengths ranging from 2-inch to 9-inch and are measured based on their inseam which is the distance from the crotch seam to the bottom of the inner leg. Running shorts can also have liners that range in length from 1-inch to 5-inch. The lining can make or break the performance of your running shorts.

A longer lining can create heat and moisture by trapping the sweat between your legs which can result in chafing during long runs. On the other hand, shorter liners are less likely to trap the sweat and are more breathable, helping you stay cooler on hot days.

Another factor that is often overlooked when choosing running shorts is the quality of the material used. Generally speaking, higher quality shorts will feature better materials that are more lightweight and breathable than lower-quality ones. This is especially important in the case of a pair of running shorts designed for racing or longer distances.

When it comes to selecting the best running shorts, many runners want their pair of shorts to offer little extras or additional functionality. For example, some runners prefer a pair of running shorts with drop pockets that they can use to store items such as keys and gels. Other runners may want a pair of running shorts with an internal envelope pocket that is large enough to hold a phone or ID.

Other running gear features that can be found in some shorts are reflective designs and logos to help with visibility on runs. Some shorts can also be found with waistbands that are wider and more ergonomically stretchy for improved comfort while running.

The main thing that most runners need to remember when buying a new pair of running shorts is to try them on before purchasing a large quantity. Trying them on will ensure that the shorts fit comfortably and do not restrict movement or cause any discomfort while running.

Running shorts are a great way to reduce the amount of skin-to-skin friction that can be caused by chafing, so it’s worth taking some time to find a pair that will work well for you. Luckily, with the wide range of options available today, there is sure to be a pair of running shorts that are the perfect match for any runner. The key is to find the right balance between comfort, style and functionality so that you can focus on your run and not on your clothing.

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