running shorts vs swim shorts

Running and swimming are two very different activities that require very different clothing. Running shorts are designed for running, and swim trunks are made to provide extra coverage and support when you’re in the water.

While it’s possible to wear running shorts for swimming, it is not recommended. It’s not as comfortable and can cause some serious issues.

Most running shorts have a loose fabric that allows the legs to stretch and move freely while running. The excess fabric makes them feel baggy underwater, and they can easily catch on objects or the surface of the water. This can lead to a lot of drag and make your swimming slow. It can also cause chafing and chaffing if the fabric rubs against your skin while you’re in the water.

Another big problem with wearing running shorts for swimming is that the loose fabric can trap air bubbles and inflate. This can cause you to swim slower than if you were wearing tight-fitting swim shorts. Additionally, the loose fabric may get caught on items like rocks, coral, or other debris in the water and can get ripped off by the current. The excess fabric can also make you more susceptible to stings from underwater plants and animals.

If you’re swimming in a pool or the ocean, your running shorts can also expose your skin to a lot of harsh chemicals. Chlorine and saltwater are very abrasive on fabrics, and they can wear away at the elasticity of your running shorts. This can cause abrasions that are painful and can be dangerous for your health.

Running shorts also tend to be heavier than swimwear. This is because they are usually made of water-resistant fabrics that help the user stay cool and dry during workouts. They can become soaked with water when they’re worn for swimming, and they won’t keep you as warm as swimwear.

The good news is that there are some companies that produce hybrid shorts. These are designed to be both running and swimming shorts, and they’re often available in a variety of lengths and styles. While they may not be as stylish as traditional swim trunks, they can save you time by eliminating the need to change your clothes when switching from one activity to the other. They can also make it easier to go for a quick swim at the beach after a long run on the sand.

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