Most loose-fitting running shorts come with an inner lining called a liner. Designed to be worn without underwear, it’s usually made of a thin, breathable material that resembles brief-style underwear or, for some women, what are commonly called “booty shorts.” Liners help to reduce friction between the legs and lower the risk of chafing by eliminating one layer of clothing. They also offer built-in support, which is great for those who find it hard to wear underwear while running or struggle with chafing on the inner thighs.

Some brands offer liners that are designed to be worn under loose-fitting shorts, too. These are great for those who don’t want to worry about wearing another layer of clothing while they run and may be more comfortable for certain runners, especially men who might be sensitive to the extra fabric of underwear.

Many people also prefer to wear a pair of compression tights underneath their running shorts, which can help keep them dry and fresh on long runs. This is because tights typically have a more breathable construction that helps move sweat away from the body, while liners can leave a build-up of moisture and feel uncomfortable.

Runners who tend to struggle with chafing can often find comfort in wearing an anti-chafe balm, which is applied to the skin and helps reduce friction. Many people opt to use these on both their thighs and the inside of their knees, depending on where they have issues. On some occasions, it might be necessary to switch out a pair of running shorts, as the fabric can rub against the leg in an area that’s difficult to avoid.

The Sherpa Shorts from Boston-based brand Tracksmith are some of the most versatile running shorts on the market. Not only do they look and feel like the kind of shorts you’d expect to see a marathon runner in, but they’re comfortable for workouts, sweaty yoga sessions and even golfing.

Featuring an internal drawstring in the waistband and mesh panels for breathability, the Sherpa Shorts are incredibly comfortable to wear while running. The pocket design is also very useful, with two oversize hip pockets that can easily fit most modern smartphones and a center-back zip pocket to hold down your phone so it doesn’t bounce. The waistband is also very secure, and it’s easy to adjust the drawstring if you need more or less tightening.

The only downside to these running shorts is that they might be too snug for those with larger thigh sizes, which could lead to a bit of discomfort. The leg openings, however, are relatively wide and the overall fit is extremely comfortable, which makes them a good choice for runners who want to avoid chafing on their legs.

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