Running shorts come in many different lengths and fabrics, but they’re all designed to help you perform at your best by preventing chafing, keeping you cool and dry, and protecting you from the elements. Many of the most popular styles of running shorts feature a built-in underwear liner, called a lining. This liner looks like your regular underwear but is made from special fabric that wicks sweat, keeps you cool and dry during long runs, and reduces chafing. Some liners are even antimicrobial to help ward off odors and keep you fresh throughout your workout.

Some liners are also designed to replace underwear, so you can run without a belt or other undergarments that may cause friction and chafing. This is especially important for men who run longer distances, since the male body naturally redirects blood flow away from the crotch area during long runs.

A mesh lining will also provide additional support to the groin area so it’s less likely to rub against your thighs as you move. Whether the lining is a thin, loose-knit fabric or a compression fit, it will help you stay cool and comfortable during your longest runs of the year.

You’ll find running shorts with a mesh liner in both men’s and women’s styles, from everyday trainers to high-performance gear. Some of the hottest models are designed to be worn year-round and can work for warm weather and cold-weather runs. They’re often made from lightweight synthetic fabrics, with a fabric blend that typically includes nylon, spandex and elastane. Some of the best linings include moisture-wicking properties that will help keep you dry and comfortable, even when you’re doing hot yoga after your run.

The waistband width will also have a significant impact on the comfort, security, and fit of your running shorts. Wider waistbands provide a flattering silhouette with a smooth band that doesn’t dig into the waist and are ideal for the runner who wants to store a phone or other gear in their pockets. On the other hand, a thinner waistband adds a minimalist look to the shorts and may be ideal for those who want a tighter fit. The waistbands of running shorts are also usually cinched with an adjustable drawcord to help you dial in the perfect fit.

This pair of Nike running shorts combines the benefits of a breathable, stretchy and quick-drying fabric with a mesh liner and adjustable drawcord for a comfortable and secure fit. They’re a great option for hot or humid runs when you need to stay focused on your pace. They’re also versatile enough for fast sets on the track, strength training sessions or that long Sunday run.

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