Running shorts provide the right amount of coverage to prevent chafing while keeping your legs cool and comfortable. The best running shorts with compression liner are lightweight and stretchy for a smooth fit, and they have ample pockets to hold your keys and phone. The size of the pockets may be a big factor in your decision-making process, especially for runners who like to carry a water bottle or other essentials while they run.

Many runner’s outfits include several pairs of running shorts to suit different situations, including a pair of shorts for casual wear or warm-up runs and another for longer distances and track workouts. Some runners even own multiple pairs for various activities and uses, such as hiking, climbing, or hanging out with friends. Some shorts may have an interior liner while others don’t, and the lining can help to prevent chafing on long runs.

Depending on the type of lining, it can also offer support to help reduce muscle soreness and fatigue after a long run. Ultimately, the choice to wear or not wear a liner in a pair of running shorts is a personal preference, and some people find that using an anti-chafe gel is enough to prevent chafing for them on all but the longest runs.

In addition to preventing chafing, liners can be used to prevent sweat buildup during a workout and keep the shorts smelling fresh. The lining is typically made of a synthetic material that is moisture-wicking and has an antimicrobial finish to fight bacteria and odor. This is why it’s important to look at the fabric and sizing of your running shorts before purchasing, as some materials have better wicking properties than others.

Some of the best running shorts with compression liner also feature flat seams that will reduce the amount of friction between your thighs and other areas of your body while you’re moving. While you could purchase a pair of running shorts made from 100-percent cotton, the fabric gets heavy when wet, and they can shrink in the dryer, so you’re better off with a mix of polyester, elastane, and spandex in your pair of running shorts with a compression liner.

The best shorts with a compression liner can be found in models from brands such as Nike, Under Armour, and Adidas. The Nike Air Vapor Speed running shorts are the most popular in this category and come in a variety of colors, including the signature orange and black. They’re also available in men’s and women’s sizes, from a 4-inch inseam to a 3-inch option, and they boast an internal drawstring for adjustability and four waistband pockets to give you room for your phone or other belongings while you run. The Air Vapor Speed running shorts are made from the brand’s Air Flat Out fabric, which is lightweight, micro-perforated for breathability, and has a four-way stretch. The men’s version of the Air Vapor Speed running shorts features a compression liner that is a bit shorter than the rest of the outer inseam, while the women’s model has a slightly higher-length liner to add more coverage.

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