running shorts with leggings attached

As any runner can attest, finding the right pair of running shorts is a huge deal. You want them to be flattering, chafe-free, stay put and provide ample pockets. You also need to take into account your personal comfort levels — some runners prefer not to show too much skin, while others feel that they’re more comfortable in a tighter outfit.

Ultimately, it’s all about what makes you happy, and when it comes to your workout wardrobe, that goes for the leggings, sports bras and headbands you wear, as well as the shorts you decide to run in. For that reason, it’s important to have a few different options available so you can try out a few and decide what works best for you.

That’s where running shorts with leggings attached come in handy. Essentially, they’re shorts with a built-in brief or spandex-type compression tight (some even include a zipped pocket for your phone). This inner layer is meant to help prevent chafing by creating a barrier between your legs where your skin tends to rub together as you move. The fabric the liner is made from wicks sweat, is lightweight and designed to keep you cool, making it an essential piece of running gear for any runner who struggles with this chafing issue.

However, the main benefit of a pair of running shorts with leggings attached is their breathability. Because they’re much shorter than standard running shorts, they allow a lot more air to circulate around your legs, keeping you cooler and less prone to overheating. The same can be said for leggings, particularly when they’re made from moisture-wicking fabric and have mesh panels inserted in key areas.

If you’re interested in trying out this trend, we recommend these breathable lightweight running shorts with leggings attached, which have a breathable mesh brief liner, an oversized drawcord elasticated waist and reflective detailing for safety. The fabric is a stretchy blend of nylon and elastane that’s quick-drying, anti-odour and has UV protection to help you keep your cool. The shorts are available in a variety of colours, including the pistachio shade we’ve opted for, so you can rock them with your favourite running top and sneakers.

Unlike many shorts, these shorts have a full zip pocket and key loop so you can keep your belongings safe during your runs. They’re also super light and come in a variety of lengths from the original Ron Hill split style to shorts that are a little more conservative. In addition to a good amount of storage, we love that these shorts are ethically-made and made in part from recycled materials. They’re a great option for anyone who struggles with the chafing issues caused by shorts or wants to experiment with a more casual style on their next warm-weather run. Check them out here.

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