running shorts without liner

The built-in liner found in most pairs of running shorts exists to provide a type of moisture management that keeps your legs cool, dry, and comfortable. The lining is also designed to prevent the need for underwear, but some people prefer unlined running shorts and other options that don’t require underwear, including compression running shorts with no liner.

Running Shorts With No Lining

When you choose a pair of running shorts, there are many factors that can influence comfort, but some of the most important are the waistband and the length of the shorts. The waistband is where much of the movement takes place, and any friction can lead to discomfort or even chafing. In order to avoid this, runners generally prefer a waistband that fits comfortably and doesn’t move around too much. The length of the shorts is a personal preference, as some people like to run in shorter styles and others prefer longer pairs that are more of a walking-around-town-in-shorts style.

Most running shorts have a liner that resembles brief-style underwear and were designed to be worn without underwear. The liners pull sweat and moisture away from the body to keep you cool and dry, and they’re usually made with material that is lightweight and breathable. Some brands even include a liner that is designed to offer muscle compression to increase performance and recovery. Some of these shorts come in 2-in-1 varieties that include both a liner and a spandex-type compression tight, called a half tight.

For some people, however, the liner can cause irritation and chafing. The liner creates a fixed layer of fabric against the skin, and if the fabric rubs against other parts of the leg, it can lead to uncomfortable and unsightly red patches that are often very itchy. Many people end up scratching the areas of chafing, which can actually make the chafing worse and cause itchy patches to spread.

Choosing running shorts without liner can help eliminate this issue, and some runners find that they prefer the freedom of movement that comes with these types of shorts. Some brands also offer compression shorts without a liner, which can be used in place of underwear to minimize the friction between the legs and other parts of the body that rub together during exercise.

Choosing a pair of running shorts without a liner can allow you to wear the same pair of running clothes from workout to workout. This can be useful if you’re often switching between outdoor and indoor training, such as going from road to treadmill or track and field. If you need to wear a change of clothing when moving from outdoors to the weight rack, however, then choosing a pair of shorts with a liner that can easily be removed can be more practical. Some of these options include drop-in pockets that make it easy to carry your keys, phone, or other items without removing the entire pair of shorts.

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