running shorts with side pockets

Many runners prefer to run hands-free, so running shorts with side pockets can be a game-changer. When selecting a pair of these shorts, look for ones that have a large back pocket that fits a phone and two drop-in side pockets. The side pockets are snug enough to hold a phone without it bouncing around on your runs, while the back pocket is large enough to hold larger items like keys or cash. A sweat-proof zip pocket in the waistband is also ideal for keeping small essentials secure.

Having adequate storage space for your phone and other items is important, but it’s just as important to select a quality pair of running shorts that will keep you cool, comfortable, and dry while running. The fabric of the outer layer of the shorts should be breathable and wick moisture away from the skin, while the seams should be smooth to avoid chafing. Additionally, the waistband of the shorts should be wide enough to provide a comfortable fit without digging into the hips and creating unwanted pressure points during a run.

While some brands may charge more for their proprietary fabrics or logo notoriety, the majority of running shorts on the market are made from high-quality materials that offer similar performance. The key is to choose a pair that suits your needs and fits well, so check the reviews and features of each product before making your final purchase.

For women who love to carry their gear with them on their runs, the KORSA Embrace 2.0 Lined Shorts are a top pick. They boast a comfortable, wide waistband with an adjustable drawstring to help the shorts stay put on your waist while you run. The two drop-in side pockets are large enough to accommodate a phone, while the back zippered pocket is perfect for stashing cash or keys.

These lightweight, moisture-wicking running shorts from Champion are an affordable option that provide ample storage for your phone and other running essentials. They have a large, deep front pocket with a zipper for easy access and a smaller zippered back pocket that’s perfect for storing cash or credit cards. The wicking fabric helps to keep you cool and dry while you run, and the stretchy material ensures a comfortable fit that doesn’t dig into your waist or legs while running.

While the pocket size on these shorts is a bit smaller than some of our other favorite running shorts, the large front pocket can still accommodate most phones. The back zippered pocket on this pair is also large enough to comfortably fit a phone, but it isn’t quite as roomy as the side pockets on some of our other favorites. Nevertheless, these shorts are an excellent choice for budget-minded runners who don’t need as much space in their running gear. The stretchy, breathable fabric of these running shorts is soft against the skin and offers great range of motion. The sweat-wicking technology and flatlock seams work together to prevent chafing while running, and the anti-odor fabric keeps you fresh all day long.

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