Many runners focus on their running shoes, but there’s a lot more to consider when it comes to your gear loadout. Your choice of clothing can have just as much impact on your run as the right shoes do. Whether you choose to wear shorts or tights, they should fit well and be comfortable. The right pair can keep you comfortable while you run, and they can also help you perform better.

There are many different types of running shorts, and each brand designs theirs differently. Some are designed to be worn without underwear, while others have a built-in brief or liner that acts as underwear. The main difference is the fabric used, and many brands use a lightweight, breathable material to prevent sweat build-up and encourage air circulation. Some running shorts also feature a liner made of spandex or another form-fitting material that helps reduce chafing caused by friction between the legs.

Some runners like to wear compression tights underneath their running shorts. Tights are more form-fitting than running shorts and are great for cold weather, as they can keep your legs warm while still providing enough ventilation to prevent sweat build-up. They can also provide more support to the muscles in your legs, which can be helpful if you have trouble with your form or are prone to injuries.

You can also purchase running tights that are designed to be worn as underwear, and these tend to be less expensive than the specialized running shorts with liners. However, you may find that they are uncomfortable to run in, as the fabric can rub against your skin and cause chafing. In addition, tights are usually designed for women, so they can be more restrictive than a pair of loose running shorts.

There are some people that prefer to wear looser shorts instead of tights, as they feel that they are more comfortable in hot weather. This can also help keep you cool during your run and allows you to get a better range of motion while you run. However, you should keep in mind that running tights can provide more support and warmth for colder weather, so it’s a good idea to try both options before you decide which one is best for you.

Regardless of the type of running shorts you choose, you should make sure that they are made of high-quality materials to ensure that they last. In addition, they should be moisture-wicking to keep you dry while you run. You should also consider purchasing a pair that has pockets so you can store your keys, phone, and other items while you run. Some running tights and shorts come with a pocket that can be worn at the hip or waist, while others have a small pocket on the side of the leg for easy access. Additionally, there are companies that offer running backpacks that can be attached to your shorts to hold hydration and other essentials while you run.

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