Running is an intense exercise, and the fabric of running shorts can rub against your skin causing chafing. This can lead to uncomfortable friction and can even cause blisters if it is left untreated. To reduce this discomfort, some running shorts are made with a built-in underwear called a liner that is designed to feel like a pair of briefs but is sewn inside the running shorts. Whether you should wear underwear with your running shorts depends on the type of shorts you have, the material of the liner and your susceptibility to irritation.

Most running shorts come with a sewn-in liner that is designed to look and feel like underwear. The purpose of the liner is to reduce chafing, wick away moisture and keep you cool and dry. Many runners may choose to use the built-in underwear in place of their own underwear while running. However, it is important to note that the lining in running shorts is sometimes made from a delicate material that can be prone to snag or become tangled with other clothing items such as keys or velcro. In addition, a liner in running shorts can become dirty or wet after you sweat during your run, so it is recommended that you continue to wear underwear while wearing the running shorts.

In addition to reducing chafing, the lining in running shorts can also help prevent infections and bacteria from forming. This is because the lining in most running shorts is usually composed of moisture-wicking materials that can help wick away the sweat from your skin and prevent it from rubbing against other areas of your body such as your groin or buttocks. This will keep your underwear clean and hygienic during your workouts.

For those who are unsure about the use of underwear with running shorts, it is best to opt for a loose-fitting undergarment that is lightweight and comfortable. For women, a thong might be the most comfortable while men can try out boxers or briefs depending on their personal preference. Those who don’t want to wear underwear at all can select an option such as compression shorts that are designed to support muscles.

There are some running shorts that don’t have liners and require you to wear your own underwear. For these types of running shorts, it is recommended that you wear a lightweight and flexible pair of underwear such as spandex or nylon underwear that will be comfortable while working out. Women who prefer a thong or a pair of spandex underwear can choose to go without a bra while men can try out a pair of tight boxers or briefs.

Some running shorts are so tight that they don’t allow for the full range of motion needed to perform a run. These types of running shorts are typically made of a tight spandex or nylon material and offer little to no coverage in the crotch area. If you are going to run in these types of shorts, it is recommended that you use a pair of loose-fitting underwear such as a thong or briefs that will be comfortable while running and won’t get caught on other items such as keys or velcro.

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